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Special Needs Sports

by Heather P


When Jack was first diagnosed, and we still felt like the world was ending, my husband was devastated. Not because of the diagnosis, but because of what Jack may not ever be able to do—play football, or baseball, or any of those “guy” things. Personally, I believe that deep down, there’s this innate thing that guys have–I think they daydream of dirt and sweat and the smell of sweaty socks.

Last week, I discovered that my local (well, it’s not in my town, but the next town over) recreation department has special needs sports–dancing, cheerleading, swimming, and baseball.

My heart nearly stopped dead.

I cautiously called and inquired.

I listened. I cried. Tears of absolute joy.

Tuesday, Jack had his first special needs swimming lesson. He was less than thrilled, but the instructor was amazing. He gets one on one instruction from someone who truly cares about him…not his disability.

Do you have sports for special needs in your area? Do you love it? If you aren’t already involved, do you want me to help you find something in your area?



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