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It’s happening around here. Some of the counties near where we live have already returned to recess, brown bag lunch, and smiling teachers. We…start Monday.

Well, my daughter starts Monday. My friend’s children start Monday.

Jack. Not so much.

See, we qualified for Hospital Homebound (HH). Basically, this is a school within a school. It has its own principal, teachers, guidance counselors, etc. Three times a week a teacher comes to my house and hangs out with Jack. Speech therapy and Physical therapy will visit him at home as well. However, it’s under the confines of the MotherSchool, which is the elementary that we are zoned for. (You still following me?)

HH requires a doctor’s note, medical records, and an IEP–all of which we have. And by have, I mean, I have his IEP, but The MotherSchool hasn’t updated it since we moved and so, he technically has no IEP. After calls and emails and days of stress, HH called yesterday to tell me that they are ready, but we are waiting for MotherSchool to set up the IEP.

Wanna hear the kicker? Last night I got a call from Ms. Ruby, the bus driver. She wanted to know where to pick him up on Monday.

That’s when I almost lost my religion.

So, while everyone gets to go to school and have that first day of wonder, Jack gets to wait to see when they’ll do his IEP, and I get to worry that I’m going to get arrested for my truant kindergartner.

Who’s bailing me out?

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1 Mary S August 18, 2012 at 9:04 am

We did HHB for 4 weeks last year and the paper work wasn’t done for it until 6 weeks had passed so don’t worry about it for now.Give them time,just keep calling and they will get it done eventually.My boy had 1 day of school and then yesterday they had a meeting about him which I couldn’t attend and have yet to find out what they decided.I’m basically holding my breath hoping they won’t kick him out for having a meltdown on the first day.

2 Heather P August 19, 2012 at 8:58 pm

I’m there with ya sister! Truancy on the first day is always awesome! (Sigh)

3 KAtherine Rakes August 26, 2012 at 5:09 pm

My son is 15 and has severe sensory processing problems. We did fine when he was younger as we had him in speech, counsling and OT. When he was in 3rd grade the school graduated him from speech. The OT ( which he needed desperatly) can not stand alone, and hsi IEP was dropped. SInce then school has been a struggle, especially when we reached middle school and we had to deal with bigger classes and passing period and puberty (which magnified everything). Now he is in highschool and on Home Hospital. He still recieves counsling but there is not a lot of help for these older children with SPD, everyday I search for someone to help. It has been a long battle. Stay persistant with the school and district, they won’t like you much, but this is your child who cares what they think. Also remember as hard as it is try to take time for yourself. I have been doing this a long time and it can be tireing. Good luck

4 Heather P September 21, 2012 at 8:56 am

Thank you! I’m actually headed there today to have more “testing” done… It’s never ending. Sigh. (hugs)

5 Mary S August 20, 2012 at 9:53 am

They decided not to do anything for now and just give him some time to get used to the change in routine and give me more time to find him a new psychiatrist.I can’t find one nearer than a hour away that works with kids and is accepting new patients.It’s comforting to know others have similar problems with Ga’s school system and it’s not just me(like my sisters insist). My thoughts and prayer’s are with you and every special need Mom who has to deal with those people.

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