Testing…. — 5 Minutes for Special Needs


Hi there! Remember me?

(don’t answer that…I’m beginning to feel a foreigner in my own land!)


So, here’s the current score. School District: 5, Jack: 3.

It’s looking rough out there.

His IEP was completed a few weeks ago. Because he turned 6, he has to be “transitioned” from the developmental delay label to something else. So you know what that means?


Lots, and Lots, And LOTS of testing.

We’ve had 3 speech tests, an intelligence test, and today we’re going to the psychologist to have another battery of tests. Add to it physical and occupational therapy evaluations, and you have…

One. Crazy. Momma. (toting around a very unhappy, grumpy, and completely over it boy-child).


How’s your life going? I promise…once these few weeks end, I’m going to be back with a force. I have lots to share and tell (I’m learning so many things!), but no time to sit and write.

(this is being written while the sun is just breaking the horizon)


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1 Jo September 21, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Stay strong. This stuff is hard. You are doing such a great job with Jack.
As I was told this summer if you need to be the barracuda Momma so be it.

2 Heather P September 23, 2012 at 10:03 am

The barracuda is tiiiiiiiiiiired. OOF. I’ll be so glad to get this all done and be able to just…well, live? Does that make sense? I was just getting used to the crazy routine we have, and now we have all this testing and junk. Bring back the normal chaos! Ha!

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