Magic Marker Monday — The Map…


It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso

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A certain youngest child had camp this past week.

A certain youngest child lost: One beach towel, one water bottle, three socks (from three different pairs), a T-shirt, two pairs of underwear and one windbreaker.

When questioned as to how one child could loose so many items in 5 short days the following explanation was given:

“I think maybe I got malaria from camp. Malaria makes it hard for people to concentrate. Doesn’t it? It doesn’t? Well fevers do. I think I have one. From the malaria.”

When questioned whether he had any idea of where he might have left any of the afore mentioned items, he said, “Uhhhhh… I’ll draw ya a map.”

Hence the map above.

Which basically included every square inch of the 100+ acre camp.

We eventually found the water bottle, one sock, the windbreaker, and the T-shirt. No doubt due in part to the wonderfully detailed map we had to guide us in our search efforts.

Unfortunately, the rest of the items were no where to be found and the T-shirt was mysteriously covered in tree sap.

He couldn’t remember how tree sap got all over the T-shirt…

You know, what with the malaria and all.



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