Magic Marker Monday — Inventor at Work…


It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso

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The 7-year-old says it’s a “Time Travel Tube”.

He designed it and assembled it himself. So far he hasn’t time-traveled anyone anywhere, but the light on top actually lights up.

The small button on the left is supposed to take you back in time, and the larger button on the right is supposed to take you forward in time.

He claims that he time-traveled his left shoe (which we can’t seem to find anywhere) to 384 years in the future.

I asked him to time-time travel it back, but he says we just have to wait for the effects to wear off “naturally.” Whatever that means. I suspect that it means he doesn’t want to clean out the underside of his bed.

I asked him why his Time Travel Tube will time travel shoes but not people. He informed me that “people are trickier to time-travel” and that his current Time Travel Tube is really just “Prototype Number 4” and that it’s “a work in progress”.

I asked him how many prototypes he expected would be needed before he had a functional unit and he muttered something unintelligible and then declared, “You just can’t rush science!”

Which, I guess, explains the pop cans that have been lined up on my kitchen counter topped with half inflated balloons for the past week.

Anti-gravity potion prototypes… or so I am told.



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