Magic Marker Monday — Tea Time…


It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso

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In the words of a seven-year-old…

It’s our whole family havin’ tea, Mommy!

I din’t know howta spell tea so I wrote-ed “cup time” instedda “tea time” so you’ll jess havta preten it says “tea time” like it’s uh-posed to. That’s called usin’ your ‘maginator. (It’s good for ya ennyhow. You know… since you don’t use your ‘maginator much as you should, bein’ a grown-up an’ all…)

So now I’ll tell ya ’bout my pitcher, K? First I drew-ded a big smilie face so you’d know how happy evvy-buddy is in my pitcher. I made it a winkin’ smilie face cause I think winks is cute, don’t you? I also drew-ded a tea cup to help you know it was tea we were havin’ since I couldn’t member how ta spell tea.

Tea is a tricky word, iddn’t it? I tried spelllin’ it “T-E-E” an’ it din’t look right. Neither did jess plain “T”. I tried ta find my tea party book ta copy the word “tea” but I think maybe I lost it somewhere. I’m not gonna be in trouble for that am I? I don’t think it’s really so very lost… jess a little bit lost. It’ll prob’ly turn up very soon, so jess don’t you worry ’bout it, K?

OK, now here’s our table. Onna end there is my brother. He’s stannin up inniz chair ’cause that’s what he allays does. We tell him “SIT DOWN IN YOUR CHAIR YOUNG MAN!” But he doesn’t lissen so very good.

Next is you, Mommy. I forgotted your hair, Mommy. Sorry. I know you’re not really missin’ all your hair, I got-ed ‘cited drawin’ the pretty flowers onna table an’ forgot. You can jess use your maginator that you have hair in my pitcher too, K? I’ll scribble it in later.

Next is me. Don’t I look pretty? An’ next is Daddy. We’re all smilin’ ’cause there’s yummy tea in our pretty tea cups an’ there’s pretty flowers onna table insteada all Daddy’s newspapers evvy-where that he allays forgets ta put away. That’s why you have a reely big smile, see?

Then there’s our kitty, Jingle (there’s “Zzzz’s” above her head ’cause she’s allays sleepin’), next there’s my hamster, Angelina… and then our dog, Niki.

Niki’s dead mom.

She died a long time ago, Mommy.

Know why I draw-ded Niki, Mom?

Well, I’ll tell ya… it’s like this…

I haveta draw our dead dog, Niki, Mommy, ’cause we never got a new live one for me to draw.

I think we bedder get a puppy soon, don’t you, Mommy?

Subtle, isn’t she?


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