Magic Marker Monday — Almost Christmas! — 5 Minutes for Special Needs

Magic Marker Monday — Almost Christmas!

by Michelle



It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso

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Did you all have a great Thanksgiving? We did, and as you can see, we’re moving right along to Christmas — some of us are anyway. If you believe the picture, it’s “ALMOS KriSMiS” (almost Christmas) — complete with upside-down exclamation points.

According to this picture it’s not going to be a merry one for everyone. If you’ll notice, there are only purple presents with pink bows under the tree. And a baby brother that appears to be crying. I’m told it’s because he’s sad that there are no presents for him. He didn’t get any because according to his big sister, he’s been “TOO NODDY!!!”

In contrast, our oldest child has apparently been an angelic princess. So much so that in the picture, she seems to have somehow charmed her Dad and I into caving and giving her the Christmas dalmatian puppy that she has been bugging us for since July. She has already named her (yes, we’re told that she MUST be a girl dalmatian puppy) “Dardu”.

At least she has her vivid imagination to fall back on. Should come in handy in a few weeks when ‘Dardu’ is a Christmas no show…


What about you? What has your little artist been up to lately?

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