Magic Marker Monday — The Art of Kindness…


It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso

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I shield my kids a lot.

I do my best to keep their childhood free of grown-up sized worries… but I am human.

And this week was a rough one.

So in spite of my best efforts, there were some tears.

What I’m grateful for though, is that no matter what we’re a family.

And I’m so very glad to know that my kids have apparently learned the art of kindness and comforting.

Like the little card I received as a joint effort attempt in cheering me up from my four-year-old (he’s into aliens right now and thinks they’re hilarious and a sure-fire cure for the blues) and my eight-year-old (who prefers to take a direct approach and just tell me straight out what I need to do to turn my emotional state around.)

Their soulful little pats and hugs and heartfelt consolations of “There, there — don’t cry, Mommy” meant the world to me this week.

And even thought things didn’t go the way I would have wished them to this week, next week is a new week and worthy of fresh hopes.

But in the meantime, since we’re short on smiles around here we would LOVE to see what your little artistic geniuses have been up to… C’mon… I know you’ve got something hanging on your fridge that’s worth a smile or two!



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