Teachers Make All the Difference

Full disclosure: I am a teacher. My husband is a teacher. His Mom, sister and brother-in-law are all teachers. Just so you know that up front.

But still…teachers make all the difference, don’t you think?

We are blessed to live in a community where the schools are incredible. They are top-notch and so are most of the teachers. But every time Olivia (my daughter with special needs) brings home her grade card or work from school, I am amazed by her teachers. The way they go above and beyond to meet her needs. The ideas they come up with to teach her and motivate her. The hours they put in during grade card and IEP time. The patience they have. The love they freely give. I am simply blown away.

And then I stop and think about those who aren’t as lucky. Those who are not blessed to live in a great district or have not been given a wonderful teacher. It’s so not fair. I wonder what I would do in that situation. I love Olivia’s IEP meetings and conferences and her school. What would I do if that weren’t the case? If everything was a fight or a battle? If I couldn’t get her what she needed? That has to add so much stress on top of the “regular” stress of having a child with special needs.

But I do know that I would do it. I would battle each and every day if I had to. I’m just glad I don’t.

What is your school like?

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