Magic Marker Monday — Pasta Creatures…


It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso

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I’m not exactly sure where it was that I saw this idea. I know I spotted it in a magazine, probably while sitting in a doctor or hospital waiting room somewhere. If memory serves, it was a Highlights Magazine but I have no idea which issue it might of been.

Anyway, I remembered these little guys and decided to give it a go with my kiddos. For some reason both of them thought that painting pasta was absolutely hilarious and the whole project became an absolute giggle-fest.

We used rigatoni noodles for the snake bodies, pasta spirals for the rattles and threaded them on pipecleaners. I think the original version I saw in the magazine used twisted crepe paper or something similar to thread the pasta on. Then they left one end of the crepe paper untwisted and cut it into a diamond shape for the snake’s head. We finished ours off with craft foam heads and googly eyes. To attach the heads, we twisted a loop in the head end of the pipecleaner string and then glued the foam to it using craft foam glue.

I just recently decided to try a glue specifically designed for craft foam when attempting projects like this one and I have to tell you — it’s SO much easier! Wish I had tried it earlier. We used a brand called “Creatology” that we found at our local craft store — worth every penny!

Hope your kiddos have all been having lots of crafty fun this week — I’d love to see what they’ve come up with!



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