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GFCF diet


I’d like to appoligize first.  My weeks have been just flying by and I again forgot to get my post posted.  Feeling like an airhead right about now!

Easter is on my brain today…It’ll be here before I know it.  What are your traditions?  Do you do anything special for your kids?  Have you made your own tradition?  I’d love to come up with something that we could do as a family.  I like to color eggs with my son.  Which, unfortunately doesn’t take too long.  We get those q-tip paints where you snap off one end and the color flows into the other end.  We leave the eggs in the egg carton and I put the q-tip in his hand and we paint hand-over-hand.  They’re not pretty, but they’re colorful & they’re done by us…and completed with love.  and they make for colorful egg salad for lunches.   We’ve gone to local easter egg hunts where they have the beeping eggs for children with vision impairments search for the eggs.  The first time we got the invite, my mom & me looked at each other and thought…wonder how an easter egg hunt is done?  really?  and a time limit?  we could be there all day.  (this was before we knew there were beeping eggs).  I don’t tend to hide eggs for my son.  One because he can’t find them…and two because we just haven’t done that.  When I was little the easter bunny would hide the real easter eggs.  Now the eggs are supose to filled and hiden.  Filling is depressing as he can’t have those fillers, he can’t see and enjoy stickers (although I bought those pre-filled w/stickers this year)…Our son tends to get gifts from the easter bunny.   This year is no different.  When I was little I got the usual basket but it always included music, the latest cassette (i know i just revealed my age).  But I loved music.  No different for my son, at 6 his CD collection out counts my collection of cassettes, records (yes real ones) and 45’s (don’t tell me you don’t know what those are!).  HE Loves music.  His library is pretty stocked, as they are easy gifts to get him.  So this year, I’ve had a conversation with the easter bunny &  we’re thinking the old fashion…Fisher Price Record player…no batteries 🙂 yeah mom likes it already…since fisher price has come out with these retro toys why not…you hand crank it to play 5 or 6 records and it plays songs (ping ping, PING PING).  We already have the hand crank Fisher Price Radio (farmer in the dell).   LOVE IT!

Anyway I got away from my point…see sometimes I even write in circles…I often feel bad that I don’t have traditions with my son & family.   I feel like he’s cheated once again of the usual things.  it’s not just easter it’s all the holidays really.  Christmas I don’t always want or get to put the christmas tree up (sad! I know), Valentine’s day…I had to request friends on facebook that have kids to exchange valentine’s with him…no fireworks on 4th (well that one goes w/o explaining) no trick or treating on halloween (but we give out candy). 

Please tell me what you do with your kids, give me some ideas to start with my son & family.  PLEASE!


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Gourmet baby from the getgo…

Do you cook seperate for someone in the family?  Do they have special dietary restrictions or needs? 

My son has a dairy allergy.  I say an allergy because it appears that if we avoid it all together we have a sweeter life.  We’ve never had an official test, but doctor’s have said why test you already know what works.  If he gets ANY dairy during a day, he’s fine, but come 2:00 in the morning life is much more…hmmmm…trying to come up with a nice word….sour.  He screams and scream and screams all night even through the morning.  So we found out early on if we avoid it all together we can sleep through the night.

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I was desperate for sleep

Define Sleep:   A natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body, in which the eyes usually close and consciousness is completely or partially lost, so that there is a decrease in bodily movement and responsiveness to external stimuli. During sleep the brain in humans and other mammals undergoes a characteristic cycle of brain-wave activity that includes intervals of dreaming.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of what sleep really is, since most of the time we’re lacking in this area.  I only used the first definition as I thought it was the most directly related definition.  I can remember when I first brought my son home and we (my son & I) were staying at my parent’s house. 

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