Homeschool — 5 Minutes for Special Needs



As parents, we spend years focused on our child’s education. We want to know what they’re learning, how they are progressing, how it will all fit into their future endeavors, not only with later grade levels but with life. We want to do the best we can to help them succeed.

Which is why when a child has learning challenges, whether because of special needs, developmental disabilities, or other struggles with comprehension and retention, parents often look to professional resources for help.

PCI Education is one such resource.

PCI Education Your Special Education Partner

Billing themselves as “Your Special Education Partner,” PCI Education has been offering top-quality education products and services for more than 20 years. With materials for all grade and learning levels, PCI Education carries products for a variety of subjects, including social studies, math, science, life skills, reading, spelling, and more.

Screenshot PCI Education

PCI Education products are used to support students in public schools and home schools, by teachers and parents alike. Key facts about PCI Education:

  • PCI Education products are highly visual, with a clean and uncluttered layout to assist struggling learners.


  • Lesson plans include many tactile and kinesthetic activities to foster increased motivation and retention.


  • Game formats allow students to interact with the subject.


  • The company’s products serve five diverse markets: secondary special education, secondary at-risk, elementary special education, intellectual disabilities, and English language learners.


Since education plays such an important role in laying a foundation for future success, it’s important that parents of children with special needs and learning challenges have a resource like PCI Education to turn to for information and support.

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…But What About the “Other” Kid?

Jack is homebound currently. We are anticipating him entering a virtual school next fall. If not, then he’ll homebound some more.

Jack isn’t my only child. I have a very neuro-typical child. As a matter of fact, she’s the most wonderful kid in the whole world. She’s bright and compassionate and funny (just like her mom! HA!). Until three years ago, she attended public school. I wasn’t thrilled with our choices for public schools, but it worked.

Then, when more and more of Jack’s issues came to light (mostly the fact that his lungs are junk and he’s so immunocompromised), we pulled her out and put her in K12’s online virtual school.

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Magic Marker Monday — Hot Air Balloon…


It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso

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Our very first school art project of the year! We homeschool and decided to give the Atelier art curriculum a try this year.

I have to say, so far I’m impressed! We’re using Level 4 and first lesson focused on use of color, line drawing and perspective. Even the 5-year-old enjoys the DVD lesson format (even though he decided to paint storm clouds instead of a hot air balloon).

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School Daze…

It’s that magical time of year….

Or, if you feel like school the way I do, it’s: time to spend a ton of money to buy crap they’re not going to use, fight about clothing each and every morning, and prepare for the onslaught of colds. Hmmmm….

There’s public school, home school, virtual school, private school, charter school, unschool… and we all have to choose what is best for our own brood.

Today, I am going to share with you how we school here at Chez P.

We use a public school that is taught virtually online through the K12 system.

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Magic Marker Monday — Back to School…


It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso

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We started back to school this week — and broke in those new crayons!

The crayons and markers they were exited about…

The pencils?

Not so much.



What has your little artist been up to? Link up and share!

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New year to begin…

I know what your thinking…NEW SCHOOL YEAR?   How many days till school starts???  I have a friend that started counting the minute summer started.  I enjoy our homeschooling time together.  I love the beginning of a new year…the goals for the year, the dreams of what you want to work on, the reality of what will really happen.  The fresh Sharpened pencils, crayons (even though we have 12 boxes already), the paper, the books, the construction paper…the excitement…the adventures. 

This past school year offically closed today.  My son had his evaluation that we have to turn into our school system with our next notification letter for the upcoming school year. 

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Old school still stings…

I don’t have to tell anyone, I don’t think, about how HOT it’s been this week.  As I said before I’m a facebooker too, and sometimes my saturday posts get away from me, sorry.  Some days blend into the next, but I digress.

My father’s family has all kind of “drifted” apart (not saying that anybody is innocent on reasons why, it’s just drifted apart).  I have tried several times to put out the bridge to those that are willing to talk to me.  Because I was a teenager when the drifting happened.  I’ve sent things to my grandparents telling them of my high school graduation, wedding,  Christmas cards and things through out the years. 

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Learning…I’ve not written about homeschooling yet so I thought maybe this would be a good time.  Homeschooling isn’t so typical for us, we have many challenges to get over.  We do use therapies as part of our daily routine (even if we are still on sabbatical from professional therapies at our local hospital).  We do a lot of reading…Last year we read 163 books (several times each).   This year we’re working on doubling that.  We’re in the 200’s right now.  Things that I have noticed lately are that my son appears to be more aware of his surroundings and is learning to place sounds. 

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Gourmet baby from the getgo…

Do you cook seperate for someone in the family?  Do they have special dietary restrictions or needs? 

My son has a dairy allergy.  I say an allergy because it appears that if we avoid it all together we have a sweeter life.  We’ve never had an official test, but doctor’s have said why test you already know what works.  If he gets ANY dairy during a day, he’s fine, but come 2:00 in the morning life is much more…hmmmm…trying to come up with a nice word….sour.  He screams and scream and screams all night even through the morning.  So we found out early on if we avoid it all together we can sleep through the night.

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Learning to ride…one step at a time…

A Cowboy Needs a Horse

Johnny lives in a big city, but has everything a cowboy could want
(Everything, everything)
He has a place to pan for gold
(Panning, panning)
And he has time to shoot a buffalo everyday
(Shooting, shooting)
And every night, he dreams he’s a cowboy riding the rangeFinally found the words to this song, it’s on a disney sing along VHS we have and we sing it all the time.  (well me & Tristan…and he seems to like it 🙂

Ridin’, ridin’ along…

Oh, a cowboy needs a horse, needs a horse, needs a horse
And he’s gotta have a rope, have a rope, have a rope
And he oughta’ have a song, have a song, have a song
If he wants to keep ridin’

Now a cowboy needs a hat, needs a hat, needs a hat
And a pair of fancy boots, fancy boots, fancy boots
And a set of shiny spurs, shiny spurs, shiny spurs
If he wants to keep ridin’

Oh, the fence is long, and the sun is hot
And the good Lord knows that a cowboy’s gotta keep
Ridin’, ridin’ along

So he gets himself a horse, and a rope, and a song
And he finds himself a hat, fancy boots, shiny spurs
And there’s nothing more he needs, or can have, or can get
If he wants to keep ridin’, ridin’ along

Spurs, shiny spurs
Boots, fancy boots
Sings a western song
And a horse
If he wants to keep ridin’, ridin’ along…

Tristan has been working up to the ridin’ for about 5 weeks now. 

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