Arts and Crafts — 5 Minutes for Special Needs

Arts and Crafts


As parents, we spend years focused on our child’s education. We want to know what they’re learning, how they are progressing, how it will all fit into their future endeavors, not only with later grade levels but with life. We want to do the best we can to help them succeed.

Which is why when a child has learning challenges, whether because of special needs, developmental disabilities, or other struggles with comprehension and retention, parents often look to professional resources for help.

PCI Education is one such resource.

PCI Education Your Special Education Partner

Billing themselves as “Your Special Education Partner,” PCI Education has been offering top-quality education products and services for more than 20 years. With materials for all grade and learning levels, PCI Education carries products for a variety of subjects, including social studies, math, science, life skills, reading, spelling, and more.

Screenshot PCI Education

PCI Education products are used to support students in public schools and home schools, by teachers and parents alike. Key facts about PCI Education:

  • PCI Education products are highly visual, with a clean and uncluttered layout to assist struggling learners.


  • Lesson plans include many tactile and kinesthetic activities to foster increased motivation and retention.


  • Game formats allow students to interact with the subject.


  • The company’s products serve five diverse markets: secondary special education, secondary at-risk, elementary special education, intellectual disabilities, and English language learners.


Since education plays such an important role in laying a foundation for future success, it’s important that parents of children with special needs and learning challenges have a resource like PCI Education to turn to for information and support.

Help Us Choose the Giveaway Item

Later in the month, we are going to be offering a giveaway of some of the items that PCI Education has on their site. Visit through the link above and let us know in the comments which items you would like to see offered as a giveaway.


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Magic Marker Monday — Hot Air Balloon…


It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso

Welcome to Magic Marker Monday! If you haven’t heard about Magic Marker Monday yet, click here and then hurry right back…



Our very first school art project of the year! We homeschool and decided to give the Atelier art curriculum a try this year.

I have to say, so far I’m impressed! We’re using Level 4 and first lesson focused on use of color, line drawing and perspective. Even the 5-year-old enjoys the DVD lesson format (even though he decided to paint storm clouds instead of a hot air balloon).

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Kitty, Kitty

Life’s been crazy lately.  Today especially.  Add to that my lack of sleep from last night due to a certain visitor who dropped by almost every hour on the hour.  Needless to say, I don’t really feel like writing and if I did, it would either be pretty much a pity party or a gripe fest.  So, I thought I’d share a little Peanut art.  It always makes me smile. 

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holiday traditions…where are you???

I’d like to appoligize first.  My weeks have been just flying by and I again forgot to get my post posted.  Feeling like an airhead right about now!

Easter is on my brain today…It’ll be here before I know it.  What are your traditions?  Do you do anything special for your kids?  Have you made your own tradition?  I’d love to come up with something that we could do as a family.  I like to color eggs with my son.  Which, unfortunately doesn’t take too long.  We get those q-tip paints where you snap off one end and the color flows into the other end. 

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He Can’t Include Me In His School Day

Our school is inclusive. Every child has a place in a mainstream classroom, with assistance if needed. J is one of those kiddos. He has an assigned a teacher, participates in nonacademic activities and projects, and has ‘specials’ like art, music and PE with his typical peers, all with the help of a one-on-one para. Now in the 2nd grade, J has worked hard to give himself 15 minutes at a time in the mainstream classroom before coping with the activities becomes too much for him. However, one of the experiences that’s missing from J’s school week is having a parent come in to volunteer.

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Savor the Simple Things This Holiday Season

It is late in the evening, my daughters are tucked into bed, the house is restored to order and the lights are turned down low,  I am weary from the physical act of being in motion all day- spread thin between appointments, a desk buried with work, a home that needs tending and Zoe’s constant need for hands-on mothering.  I sit and sigh- and think about treating myself to some hot chocolate, a seasonal treat that starts me thinking about the holiday season approaching, and the family lessons we have  learned about  slowing down.

Like many special needs moms, my family life centers around home.

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Seclusion, Restraint and the Public School System

From My File of Things That Make Me See Red:

I’m the mother of a medically fragile child with special needs. This kid has spent many an hour circling the drain.

As a matter of fact, I writing this post from his hospital room after a very unexpected surgery on Sunday.

The bottom line is my child has had to fight simply for the right to breathe. Yet he still gets up each day with a wonder and curiosity that can bring my spirit to it’s knees on a fairly regular basis.

Obviously, not everyone is able to see the miracle that resides inside of my son.

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Try This Tuesday #18: Speech Game

Try This Tuesday

This week, Rickismom from beneath the wings shares a fun way to emphasize the use and meaning of pronouns through a game.

by Rickismom

I want to present an easy, very useful game to teach the words “I”, “YOU”, “WE”, and “THEY”. These words are confusing, due to the fact that the terms are relative to the situation and who the speaker is. They are not words you can match to an object.

The idea for this game is not mine. It is Libby Kumin’s idea. If you have a child with Down syndrome and do not recognize the name, check out her books at Woodbine House.

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Try This Tuesday #9: Educational Picture Ring

Try This Tuesday

This week, we are welcoming PsychMamma, who has discovered a great way to extend the use of all those holiday greetings from friends and family!

by PsychMamma

Every year we receive a plethora of photo cards and photos when the holiday season rolls around. Jenna loves to look at the pictures and I hate to throw them away, BUT I don’t like papering the refrigerator with them, or simply having them loosely floating around. Instead, I decided to do this with them:

The plastic sleeves are simply baseball card covers/protectors. I got a box of them at a shop that sells baseball cards, and they were pretty inexpensive.

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Try This Tuesday #8: Color Swirl

Try This Tuesday

I have been thinking about ways to expand Try This Tuesday to include some different ideas and perspectives, and one of the ideas I had was to ask some of the participants to “guest post.” So over the next few weeks, several of our readers will be sharing their ideas on this site.

For our first guest appearance, Frog’s Mom from 4 Green and Speckled Frogs is sharing a innovative twist on arts and crafts that takes her son’s sensory needs into account.

by Frog’s Mom

Here’s an art project for kids who love water, but hate art projects – there’s even a bit of science involved:

Frog has never been into arts and crafts.

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