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Would you let your child scale a mountain?

She grabbed the rock above her and pulled herself up. The water rushed cool and quick over our soaked shoes. Steadying herself, my 5 year old reached for the next rock a few feet above her. In the high altitude, we both breathed hard, but her determination pushed us farther as we climbed the waterfall together. Sun in our eyes, family far behind, we kept going until she sat and we both looked down into the valley below.

Letting Special Needs Kids Be Independent

Big Falls, Southern California's highest waterfall.

The whole climb, my heart pounded with the exertion… and with anxiety. What if she falls? Itchy socks throw her into a fit… what if she has a sensory meltdown way up here?

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Time to Reboot!

I’ve been MIA due to a viral infection.  Thankfully, not my kids or me.  This time, it was Dell, my darling laptop! Timing is NEVER good for this sort of thing.  I was in the process of redesigning The Boys’ discreet trial curriculum, writing out my blue-sky-scenario for our encore performance of kindergarten and investigating the pros and cons of homeopathic and, comparitively, medicinal interventions for children with ADD when the virus just got the better of her and she seized up.  Mercifully, the computer doc made a housecall and opted to admit her [to his workshop].  Like the grinch, he promised to return her in good health. 

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Our Bipolar Happy Hour

It’s always the same. Like Bill Murray’s movie, Groundhog Day. It’s the same in our home every single day, no matter what we do, what medications we try, what therapies we employ. My 9 year old just lives on the relentless Bipolar mood roller coaster. Every. single. day.

Every day:

The Brooding Beauty Shows Her Sweet Heart

…I wake her gently, quietly… and she roars at the family for the next 30 minutes until it’s time for school.

…she gets home from school smiling, then lashes out at people because since she often misses social cues, and struggles to make friends.

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Where’s The ME-time?

Am I the only one who can’t seem to find any time to take care of me in my life? OMG, for all the child-rearing and special needs advocating and work I’m doing, there doesn’t seem to be a moment left for me!

I’m not talking about luxuries like taking a bubble bath, a night out with the girls or kicking back to watch an adult (not that kind) movie!  I’m talking about surviving!

Yes, I know we mamas have to take care of ourselves because our children with and without special needs need us.  I desperately want to take care of myself! 

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Which is Worse

I have a podcast I like to listen to.  It’s for working mom’s who are “trying to do it all and then some.”  The mom’s who run the podcast have two children each.  Their kids are about the same age with the oldest being in 2nd or 3rd grade and youngest in kindergarten.  Over the years they have dealt with some issues with their kids.  One mom’s oldest boy has ADHD while the other mom’s oldest was just diagnosed with dyslexia.

Recently the one mom commented that just because someone may have it worse than you, it doesn’t make your troubles any less real to you.  

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My Angel

I knew that my body was giving everything to this little person growing inside me. I knew my life would never be the same; that our lives would never be the same. There were no words to express the happiness I knew my belly contained. I knew that this little being was my angel; my Guardian Angel here to help me make my life what it was to be. Nothing anyone can ever tell me will change my feeling on this. He is my angel and in his own way he teaches me, and everyone around him to take note and see what is truly important in life.

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Diagnosis 911: Is it Really ADHD?

After 5 months of counseling, we have a working diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD without the hyperactivity) with secondary Anxiety, a touch of perfectionism and perhaps a smidge of OCD. I see the Psychiatrist to get the official diagnosis for the 504 committee and to get the modifications and accommodations.

With barely a glance at the 15-page patient history and 11 minutes of casual questioning — including what I think is the clincher: Q: What does her teacher say about this? A: She says in 16 years of teaching she’s never had to redirect a child more than she does my Old Soul — the Psychiatrist pronounces the diagnosis of ADHD without the hyperactivity component. 

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BELIEVE! No One Can Know the Limitations of Another

We are in the process of formalizing a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder with secondary Anxiety Disorder (at-risk for depression) for my “gifted” 9-year-old daughter.  For me, this process began more than 2 years ago, brought to light by the abusive treatment she suffered at the hands of her 2nd grade teacher who drove her to tears and embarrassed her in front of her classmates on a daily basis.  In the last 6 months, the intensity of addressing her difficulties has stepped up significantly and has involved her 4th grade teacher working with our private counselor to help pinpoint the problem and identify the specific areas where my daughter needs support.  

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Special Needs Come & Go

I’ve been raising my identical twin sons — who happen to have Down syndrome — for nearly 6 years now.  By all counts, they have “special needs”.  We’re now in the process of confirming a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder for my 9-year-old daughter who is also in our district’s gifted program.  SHE too has “special needs”.  My Dad, who lived a “typical” life is laying in a hospital bed waiting for a peaceful end to his life (this is why my post is late) after living the past year in a nursing home with Alzheimers.  HE now has special needs. 

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My Dream… Inclusion For All!

I have a dream!  No really, last night I had this dream.  I dreamed 10 women were chosen to meet with Oprah Winfrey.  At the meeting we were privileged with the opportunity to chat with the powerful Ms. Winfrey.  I sat listening to the ardent pleas of these strong-willed and driven women who had been chosen — hand-picked by Oprah herself — to break bread with arguably one of the most famous and influential woman in the western world.  Each had a mission they were selling.  Oprah listened, smiled and nodded, impressed with their knowledge and drive. 

I sat quietly in the background off to the right. 

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