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Asperger’s Syndrome

My Angel

I knew that my body was giving everything to this little person growing inside me. I knew my life would never be the same; that our lives would never be the same. There were no words to express the happiness I knew my belly contained. I knew that this little being was my angel; my Guardian Angel here to help me make my life what it was to be. Nothing anyone can ever tell me will change my feeling on this. He is my angel and in his own way he teaches me, and everyone around him to take note and see what is truly important in life.

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Are Autism Adocates Doing It Right?

Is it possible that many parents NOT involved with Autism know that April is Autism Awareness? Do the circles run so wide as to pass ramblings of projects, awareness, the push for understanding and acceptance for those living with Autism or the discontent with influential sources’ lack of attention to the month trickle into groups that otherwise are not focused on Autism?

Is the shouting to be heard that loud? Is it so loud to rock and rattle windows? Is the demand for help adequate? Is the community doing enough with events like “Autism Understanding & Acceptance” or “All About Autism” or other Autism Awareness events online?

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Autism Superpowers

When Luke was first learning to understand his autism (and his, brother’s) he came up with his own explanation of how it worked. We explained to him that everyone had sensory issues, or had something they were afraid of or something that bothered them. He decided that everyone had autism, except that some people had a little, some people had a medium amount and some people had A LOT. When we discussed autism we tried to make it as positive as possible, choosing to focus on the fact that while he was sometimes anxious and sometimes had trouble controlling his OCD, he was also very determined and confident.

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Telling Your Child With Autism That They Have Autism

I’m not a big television watcher but the buzz this week on social media sites was apparently Max’s parents finally sitting down and telling him he had Asperger’s (that Parenthood show). Now, on the show Max is like, ten? Something like that? Ten. Soak that in for a minute. And they were JUST telling him.

I watched a clip of the scene over and over. It was emotional. It was dramatic. And it was…ridiculous. I’m sorry, I know not everyone agrees with me but there is a reason I skip that show. It’s because of the way they treat autism on the show.

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Among Construction, Kids Can Surprise Us

Since the day we moved into our home, 3 years ago, I’ve developed a love hate with the basement. I love it because it’s open, bright and enjoyable for a basement. Hate, because…well, it’s a basement and there was an undetermined scent that I would get whiffs of, that no one else seemed to get, that inevitably would be blamed on my husband. Yes, it’s that kind of scent.

We’ve seen the water spew outside the house when turning on the faucet for hot summer afternoons of filling the small pool for a bounty of splashes. From the faucet it sprang, outside its bounds…a washer replacement perhaps?

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