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October is Dyslexia awareness month. Did you know that Dyslexia can
manifest in different ways? My oldest daughter, who is 17, has
Dysgraphia…you only see the signs of dyslexia in her writing. When
she was younger; letters were backwards, her handwriting was very
difficult to read, and her spelling was VERY unconventional. My
youngest daughter, 7, is just in the early stages of testing for
dyslexia. She displays more of the classic signs of dylexia. She also
has the reversals in writing: letter, numbers, even entire words are
written backwards, but, her reading is also affected. She will often
begin sounding out a word from the ending sound. She does not
recognize some simple sight words. She has a very difficult time
sounding out words.

What are some signs of dyslexia? (from the International Dyslexia
Association, http://www.interdys.org/SignsofDyslexiaCombined.htm)

Word reversals; reading pit for tip
Difficulty making the connection between letters and sounds
Confusing small words such as at and to
Letter and number reversals
Confusing right and left; up and down; front and back
Difficulty rhyming words
Not all children who struggle with the above are dyslexic. Dyslexia
can only be determined through a formal evaluation.


Marie writes for MacaroniKid in Colorado. She most recently became an weekly guest on Denver’s Daybreak show on Channel 2. She is a loving wife and mom to three adorable girls.


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Which is Worse

I have a podcast I like to listen to.  It’s for working mom’s who are “trying to do it all and then some.”  The mom’s who run the podcast have two children each.  Their kids are about the same age with the oldest being in 2nd or 3rd grade and youngest in kindergarten.  Over the years they have dealt with some issues with their kids.  One mom’s oldest boy has ADHD while the other mom’s oldest was just diagnosed with dyslexia.

Recently the one mom commented that just because someone may have it worse than you, it doesn’t make your troubles any less real to you.  

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I Hate Labels

When our children have difficulties in school, learning or another issue which makes us suspect that there is something “wrong” we don’t many options to get a diagnosis without sending our children through testing.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but in case you are a first time reader, I’m an adult who has ADD and dyslexia. I have a daughter with Cerebral Palsy and possibly other learning issues. I write this post from the perspective of someone who has been through way too many tests and feel that I was completely discarded in the process.

When I was a child and had a difficult time reading and learning my letters my parents knew something was up.

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How do you know?

How do you know what typical development is? Even though my daughter has Cerebral Palsy which is not necessarily behavioral she still exhibits some behavioral issues. She has trouble adjusting to change and can and does completely loose it when things change on her unexpectedly. That said she is seven years old and lost of seven year old’s must exhibit that behavior.

Here is one of the more difficult things about being a dad. I tend be positive. I tend to be encouraging. I tend to think most things are normal or typical which ever word your prefer. My wife sees behavior like I describe above and gets worried.

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