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A few years ago, I fell in love with Signing Time. Jack was struggling to do much more than scream and I was increasingly frustrated. In a last ditch effort, I bought some DVDs and prayed that he would communicate with me. Slowly, he began to sign (things like more and done) and I felt like maybe I could communicate with him.

That’s when I decided that I was going to stalk Rachel Coleman (co-Founder and general all-around awesome human being). I followed her on Twitter and began to join the weekly Signing Time chat (sadly, they’re no longer doing it–because it was SUPER fun!).

Over the years, Signing Time has become more than just a cute DVD to help my child learn how communicate with me–it’s become part of our family. For that, I am forever grateful.

So, imagine my surprise when I heard that:

A) There was a POTTY TIME DVD coming out!

B) I was going to get to review it!

Truly, this is fantastic! It’s 30 minutes of fun–with some valuable potty training lessons (My personal favorite song is “I Wash My Hands!”)!

The target audience is aged 1-5, but I figure that’s not relevant in our special situations! It’s really quite adorable. Rachel approaches potty training as such a positive thing–nothing to be worried about! The video focuses on listening to your body and doing what you need to do, when you need to do it! They speak of celebrating such amazing potty goodness—which I can appreciate (we celebrate every tiny milestone here!)!

If the DVD isn’t enough for you…the Potty Time website has numerous ways in which you can get even more support on your Potty Journey!

* There’s an app for that!

* You can purchase the Potty Watch—it’s a watch that sings and lights up to remind your child to go “try!”

* Print of this handy chart to help everyone celebrate success!

* Or…just read articles and tips for all parents.

If that’s not enough for you (or you’re a groupie like me), follow Signing Time on Twitter or Facebook—and also do the same for Potty Time! (TwitterFacebook)


But wait…there’s more!

I want YOU to have a copy to help you on your Potty Training Expedition! Leave a comment telling me why you would love this–simple, right? I will use the random generator (Jack picks a name out of a hat) to draw a number, and that person will get their very own copy of Potty Time! Yippee! Entries must be in by Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 12 noon (my time–East coast).

Good Luck! And thank you Signing Time for enriching my life in so many beautiful ways! Love you!




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Gift Card Giveaway

Tawnda & Barbara M are the winners!

Kodak and 5 Minutes for Special Needs want to give you a little something to start the holiday season.
To celebrate it’s newest photo book sizes and paper designs, Kodak is giving $50 gift cards to two of our readers. We encourage you to order a photo book from Kodak, you’re free to use it however you wish.

Kodak Gallery Photo Books use SmartFit technology you are provided the affordable luxury of quality design and page layout backed by Kodak’s exceptional standards and commitment to preservation and storage of your memories.

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Visit the Kodak Gallery photo book page come back here and comment about which size you would like to create for your family.

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Activeion Pro: A Giveaway!

Imagine cleaning your house, and killing bacteria, with plain ‘ol water.

Yup. Simple H2O.

Can’t be done you say?


Think again.

The Activeion Pro uses cold tap water – and magically charges the ions in that water to attract the gunk on your counter, in your microwave, or even on your skin.

One of the Activeion execs told me she uses it to clean up her toddler after meals!

Okay. So maybe there is a bit more science involved than just that. Allow my bud, Bill, to explain:

Because it uses plain tap water, this device is eco-friendly and safe. There are no harsh chemicals, and there is no need to continue to purchase bottles of cleaning products – so the Activeion Pro is recession-friendly as well.

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We have a SteamBoyT1 Winner!

And the winner of our Reliable SteamboyT1 is:

Debbie Yost!

Debbie was chosen by


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Let The Blue Bunny Ice Cream Voting Begin!

Voting is now closed!


It’s time to VOTE!

Feel free to announce it on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc and get your friends to vote for you. That is fair game. But please play fair and do not use proxy servers or other black hat methods of increasing your votes. If we do discover unfair practices, we will have to disqualify the parties involved. Remember the spirit of our site and play nice!


  • Grand prize winner: Ice Cream for a Year coupon booklet (12 coupons each for a carton of ice cream), 4 Blue Bunny® bowls, and 1 Blue Bunny® ice cream scoop (Approximate Retail Value $100)
  • Second prize winner: 5 Bunny Bucks, each redeemable for a carton or novelty pack where ever Blue Bunny® products are sold (Approximate Retail Value $7)
  • 10 Runner Ups: $1 off coupon for Blue Bunny® Ice Cream (one per runner up)

Our 12 in no particular order:


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Celebrating Joys Shared: A Blue Bunny Ice Cream Photo Contest

Well, it looks as though Mr. Linky has jumped ship yet again. sigh. So just add your link in the comments section below and we’ll add them to Mr. Linky when he’s back up.

I think if you could ask a parent of a child with special needs what they would like others to know about their child, they would tell you that a child with special needs is first and foremost a child.

Just like any other child.

Just like your child.

Children with special needs have hopes and dreams, just like their typical peers.

They want to be invited and accepted, just like their typical peers.

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Don’t Hate Me Because My Floors Are Spotless

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Living with a medically fragile kid who spends a vast majority of his time on the floor makes the cleanliness of those floors a high priority.


Very high.

To the point where I’ve been called …..a Clean Freak…..OCD…..and The Mad Cleaner.

All in one sentence.

Hey. You have your hobbies. I have mine.

Chemical cleaners in our home are out of the question with Parker’s trach. It was one of the first things Parker’s respiratory therapist told us after Parker was trached. Whatever goes down that trach goes directly into Parker’s lungs.

I’ve searched high and low for steam cleaners that not only clean, but were reasonably priced.

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Step2 Is Making Parker’s Summer Shine Brighter: A Review And Giveaway

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Note: This is a compensated (Parker received his Sand and Water Transportation Station for free) review and giveaway from Step2.


It was a warm summer’s morning. Parker had been signing “outside” since he woke up, hours before.

Finally, after the medications, the morning therapies, bath time, trach change and breakfast, it was time to go outside.


When you are a medically fragile kid with special needs your whole world becomes the area within your backyard fence.


And it is your Mom’s job to try and provide as many typical experiences as possible.


Despite all the cords, tubing and bags and bottles that trail after you each step of the way.

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Magic Marker Monday — Improvisation…


It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso

Welcome to Magic Marker Monday! If you haven’t heard about Magic Marker Monday yet, click here and then hurry right back…

Hmmmmm… what to do when Mom restricts access to the Sharpie markers…

What to do, what to do…

I know! Improvise!

Yup. A plain old ball point pen will do nicely in a pinch.

(Oh, and don’t tell Mom, but I colored her shopping list for her when she wasn’t looking. Won’t she be surprised!)



Congratulations to our Magic Marker Monday Giveaway Winner!

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We Have A Winner!

So do you remember our May Magic Marker Monday Giveaway?

Well, the winner of our beautiful Dragonfly Mobile Craft Kit is:

IE Mommy!

Congratulations! We hope you enjoy this super-fun craft and that we see lots more of your family’s artwork here at 5MFSN on Magic Marker Mondays!


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