Fine Motor — 5 Minutes for Special Needs

Fine Motor


I have a few issues, just like everyone else.

However, my current giant flaw is my inability to be mean. Seriously, I’m totally a “tell it like it is” kinda girl, but I can usually say it with as much grace as I can muster. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings or make them feel bad at all. It makes me cringe to hear others be hateful and ugly to anyone–be it cashier, receptionist, or even the doctor!

Tuesday, Jack had part one of his testing for this year’s IEP. He did terrible. It was painful to watch. They wanted a kid with an essential tremor to write and draw and lace a shoe (trust me, I get that they have to do it, but they drug it out far longer than they should). They even asked him to cut shapes out with scissors. I momentarily feared for my son’s life!

Our IEP is set for October. I’m not at all nervous about the meeting, but about how to ask for what I think is appropriate without hurting his teacher.

She’s nice. Really nice. Sorta.

See, she sort of wants everything to go her way, and I’ve spent 3 years allowing her to think that she’s getting her own way, while really directing things to the way they should be done. She grumps around and I smile and change the subject. She tells Jack to do better, and I tell him he’s doing great!  It’s quite the symbiotic relationship. heh.

She’s totally old school.

What I want is to get Jack one of those fancy Apple tablets that he can do his work on. I know he could learn his letters and numbers, but I’m not sure my kid can ever write. He just has such a hard time. He doesn’t just have CP, he’s got this tremor. And it’s pretty significant.

She seems to think he’s just not trying hard enough.

She’s also not with him 99% of the time.

So, here’s my plan: I’m going to tell them how great they are doing (cough) with him, but that I have some concerns. Then I will voice those concerns in a manner which makes it seem like I want their opinion, but more like “this is what should happen, and can we make it happen?”

Is that what you would do?

I just can’t be mean! 😉

(Also, do you have assistive technology? Do you love it?)


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New year to begin…

I know what your thinking…NEW SCHOOL YEAR?   How many days till school starts???  I have a friend that started counting the minute summer started.  I enjoy our homeschooling time together.  I love the beginning of a new year…the goals for the year, the dreams of what you want to work on, the reality of what will really happen.  The fresh Sharpened pencils, crayons (even though we have 12 boxes already), the paper, the books, the construction paper…the excitement…the adventures. 

This past school year offically closed today.  My son had his evaluation that we have to turn into our school system with our next notification letter for the upcoming school year. 

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Feeling Like a Wimp Here

This will be short because my finger is hurting. It happens to be the index finger on my right (dominant) hand…perhaps the finger I use most…or at least I’m noticing how much I use it now that it’s hurting. You know how that goes. I think it is some sort of tendonitis or repetitive stress injury. I thought it was getting better but last night when I sat down with my laptop to do some writing it went something like this:

tap – ouch – tap tap tap – ouch – tap tap tap mouse – ouch!

So now I have it taped to the middle finger of my right hand so that I can still bend it but it has some support for whatever motions I’m attempting.

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Learning…I’ve not written about homeschooling yet so I thought maybe this would be a good time.  Homeschooling isn’t so typical for us, we have many challenges to get over.  We do use therapies as part of our daily routine (even if we are still on sabbatical from professional therapies at our local hospital).  We do a lot of reading…Last year we read 163 books (several times each).   This year we’re working on doubling that.  We’re in the 200’s right now.  Things that I have noticed lately are that my son appears to be more aware of his surroundings and is learning to place sounds. 

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How far he’s come. How far we have to go.

She wailed that B had her popcorn. Popcorn being used loosely as the container that once held popcorn kernels, gladly accepted by her at its end as an addition to her kitchen belongings….this thing that B was handling in front of her (the nerve) with an item of his already stuffed inside. To keep my headache from getting worse, he was asked to take said item out and put the (apparently) deeply cherished plastic popcorn container back in her kitchen in its rightful place.

I watched as he maneuvered the lid off, took his item out, then re-twisted the lid back on.

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Botox Dip

My son had his Botox treatment this week.  I knew about 2 weeks ago it was needed.  It’s funny how that works.  At first you think, is it worth it?  Am I doing it for him or for me?  Actually, both.  I do it for him. His spasticity is so severe, he could curl into a ball, despite my stretching him daily.  He receives it basically from head to toe… I do it for him because it loosens up his shoulders and chest to the point we can move his arms around, up and down, stretching out the elbows…we must, we must, we must increase our bust. 

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Kitty, Kitty

Life’s been crazy lately.  Today especially.  Add to that my lack of sleep from last night due to a certain visitor who dropped by almost every hour on the hour.  Needless to say, I don’t really feel like writing and if I did, it would either be pretty much a pity party or a gripe fest.  So, I thought I’d share a little Peanut art.  It always makes me smile. 

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holiday traditions…where are you???

I’d like to appoligize first.  My weeks have been just flying by and I again forgot to get my post posted.  Feeling like an airhead right about now!

Easter is on my brain today…It’ll be here before I know it.  What are your traditions?  Do you do anything special for your kids?  Have you made your own tradition?  I’d love to come up with something that we could do as a family.  I like to color eggs with my son.  Which, unfortunately doesn’t take too long.  We get those q-tip paints where you snap off one end and the color flows into the other end. 

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Learning to ride…one step at a time…

A Cowboy Needs a Horse

Johnny lives in a big city, but has everything a cowboy could want
(Everything, everything)
He has a place to pan for gold
(Panning, panning)
And he has time to shoot a buffalo everyday
(Shooting, shooting)
And every night, he dreams he’s a cowboy riding the rangeFinally found the words to this song, it’s on a disney sing along VHS we have and we sing it all the time.  (well me & Tristan…and he seems to like it 🙂

Ridin’, ridin’ along…

Oh, a cowboy needs a horse, needs a horse, needs a horse
And he’s gotta have a rope, have a rope, have a rope
And he oughta’ have a song, have a song, have a song
If he wants to keep ridin’

Now a cowboy needs a hat, needs a hat, needs a hat
And a pair of fancy boots, fancy boots, fancy boots
And a set of shiny spurs, shiny spurs, shiny spurs
If he wants to keep ridin’

Oh, the fence is long, and the sun is hot
And the good Lord knows that a cowboy’s gotta keep
Ridin’, ridin’ along

So he gets himself a horse, and a rope, and a song
And he finds himself a hat, fancy boots, shiny spurs
And there’s nothing more he needs, or can have, or can get
If he wants to keep ridin’, ridin’ along

Spurs, shiny spurs
Boots, fancy boots
Sings a western song
And a horse
If he wants to keep ridin’, ridin’ along…

Tristan has been working up to the ridin’ for about 5 weeks now. 

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Is that too much to ask?

This week my husband’s grandmother passed away.  She was 93 year old, never took more than a multi-vitamin in her life.  She did however, several years back, begin her journey with Alzheimer’s Disease.  It was a long journey, spending 10 years in a nursing home.  She had 5 children, 12 grandchildren…and so many great grand children there’s just to many to count…and even one great great grandson.  She had an amazing life. 

So this brings me to mortality…I wonder what will happen to my son when something happens to me or my husband.  He should live long after us, but who will take care of him? 

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