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Learning…I’ve not written about homeschooling yet so I thought maybe this would be a good time.  Homeschooling isn’t so typical for us, we have many challenges to get over.  We do use therapies as part of our daily routine (even if we are still on sabbatical from professional therapies at our local hospital).  We do a lot of reading…Last year we read 163 books (several times each).   This year we’re working on doubling that.  We’re in the 200’s right now.  Things that I have noticed lately are that my son appears to be more aware of his surroundings and is learning to place sounds.  Not that he didn’t necessarily know where he was, but things that are taking place around him.  Such as sounds…he’s now really focusing on where it’s coming from.  He loves to be startled by a sudden noice then wants it repeated over and over.  Gets excited if you wait a while then repeat a sound.  He also is really anticipating…when you do something rhythmically then pause, he’ll smile in anticipation for the rhythm to continue.  He’s always been musical & a music lover.  Probably realizes now that neither mom or dad can carry a tune in tune.  (that explains all his laughing when we sing.)  He’s mimicking…we attempt to sing a scale up and back down…he trys to do it too.  His new word (besides the most important “mom”) is now “dadada” I swear he actually sounds like he’s putting together sentences too (has been saying “love you” for a long time) but now he’s saying “where ARE you?”  “come FIND me” and the latest “do it again”  I swear it’s not just my ears hearing what I’ve longed to here words.  The “Equipment” piece I wrote about before, the kid walker…we finally got approved and now have it (YAHOO!)  he stands in it and pushes backward or stands while “running” like a mad man (but not really moving anywhere just legs are moving).  When we move into a practical house I think he’s going to LOVE his kid walker and there will be no more sitting down!  He’s able to sit, crossed legged on the floor and balance.  That was a huge milestone!  Can sit & balance for quite a while…at least til you make him laugh and then his tone kicks in and his legs come uncrossed and out.  Oh but that giggle (my favorite!)  He’s tolerating being on the floor a little more (still vocalizes his complaints but is willing to be there for a little longer).  Today he rolled over onto his belly and was scooting across the floor with his arms stuck under him…if it weren’t for his legs he’s be stuck in the same place, but with the help of his legs he scoots himself across.  Arms dont move even if they weren’t stuck under him.  Also on the food front…moving away from pureed foods with no textures to foods with lots of textures and doing REALLY well at it…at 6 years old 49 1/2 inches tall and 38 pounds 6 ounces….I’m exstatic about how things are going!

You may look at this and think really you can consider this school?  Yes, for us this is school…we work on the milestones and one day at a time, we will shoot for the moon to land amongst the stars.

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Gourmet baby from the getgo…

Do you cook seperate for someone in the family?  Do they have special dietary restrictions or needs? 

My son has a dairy allergy.  I say an allergy because it appears that if we avoid it all together we have a sweeter life.  We’ve never had an official test, but doctor’s have said why test you already know what works.  If he gets ANY dairy during a day, he’s fine, but come 2:00 in the morning life is much more…hmmmm…trying to come up with a nice word….sour.  He screams and scream and screams all night even through the morning.  So we found out early on if we avoid it all together we can sleep through the night.

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Tube Wars

When my daughter Melissa was a newborn she refused to breastfeed.  My wife Kathy tried diligently and even got help from the nursing staff.  But before this challenge could be resolved, we ended up in neonatal ICU with a metabolic crisis on our hands.

We left the hospital, taking our sickly child home.  We were scared to death.  We had learned that  her disease required “diet management”.  We were sent home with several cans of “powder” that we would measure on a gram scale, mix with water and then feed to Melissa in tiny 50cc baby bottles.  We were taught that we had to get a “target” volume of formula into her each day or she could become dehydrated and face another metabolic crisis. 

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The Love Nest

Being new to 5MSN, I wanted to introduce myself to you, in a way that brought you close to my…


I have no shame! That’s right, we are going straight to the master suite…the place where the magic happens!

5MSN 011 (Hey, I made the bed for the picture! That’s an accomplishment in and of itself!)

So, here we have the overview of the Love Nest. My husband and I sleep there, and so does our son Jack.

5MSN 007Here we have the tube feeding set up. Because nothing says you’re getting a good night of sleep like your child pulling a feeding tube out at 3 AM.

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Oh Baby!

I attended a baby shower this past weekend that was a bit unconventional. The mom-to-be is a woman who worked after school with my daughter, Ashley. She is also a high school special education teacher. Dad-to-be works at the same high school and assists students with special needs find supported employment. They seem to be one of those couples who are perfectly suited for each other.


The shower was billed as a shower/cookout and was held at the couple’s home in the country, although in this case, country was only about 20 minutes from city. But, it was indeed country. The drive to their house wound past cows in the field, the Gospel Chicken House, and huge country estates with bright white fencing surrounding the property.

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Dinner Out

Ashley had a good day at school today UNTIL her vision teacher showed up just 15 minutes before the end of the school day. Ashley may not be able to tell you exactly what time it is, but she knows her daily schedule down to every last minute. School is over at 3:15 pm, and beginning around 2:45 pm, Ashley is winding down, looking for her coat and backpack, and happily anticipating her bus ride home. So, the arrival of the vision teacher at such an odd time (at least in Ashley’s mind), was enough to turn a happy time into a time of frustration.

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Feeding Frenzy

Both Corey and Jessica have some strange obsessions with food, and I don’t know how to help them. I had hoped that enough time in a stable, loving home would let both of them know that food is something they don’t have to worry about. But still it seems that they do.


Corey’s and Jessica’s obsessions are similar. They both seem very worried that we will run out of food. If there is food left in a serving dish at a meal, they will both keep asking for more. Before they start asking, however, they will ‘keep an eye’ on the food – frequently glancing at it – almost as if they are afraid someone will take it away.

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Feeding highs and woes


This is Max feeding himself. It is an awesome sight—for so many years, we had to spoon feed  him because he lacked the hand coordination to do it himself. Max still likes it when we do it for him. But he adores sweet potatoes, and he was gung-ho to down a bowlful by himself.

Back when Max was a baby, I was surprised by the feeding issues. I mean, we knew he was going to be in for challenges, but I couldn’t have imagined it would take literally an hour to feed him because he pushed most of the baby food out of his mouth.

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Try This Tuesday #54: Mikey Likes It!

Try This Tuesday

Nothing earth shattering going on around here except that in that past week, my son has ingested three servings of blueberries. Pretty amazing for a kid that had declared a ban on all fruits and vegetables and would cry at the request to try even a new variety of candy.

I have seen a greater willingness to try new foods over the past few months and decided I was going to start pushing fruits again to see what would happen.

So I put a few blueberries (seven, to be exact) on his plate with lunch the other day. He was upset at first but then agreed to try one in exchange for one of his favorite candies.

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Our Step2 Winner!

One of the things I love most about hosting reviews and giveaways here on 5 Minutes For Special Needs is being able to visit so many new blogs!

Today’s winner was chosen by Random.org.

And the winner is………….


Don’t forget! Take a picture of your child enjoying some ice cream and you could win a YEAR’S SUPPLY of BLUE BUNNY ICE CREAM!

How cool is that? (Get it? Ice cream…….cool…? hee……hee)

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