It’s Time For A Contest!

Just recently I had one of the bathrooms in our home remodeled to be accessible for my daughter, Ashley. Ashley is 13 years old, deafblind and has had two brain tumors removed in the past, and currently has three more that her doctors are closely watching. All of that sounds rather daunting, but she lets nothing get her down, and she is the wildest child of my group of four. But, she does need a little help with some things, and one of those things is toileting and personal hygiene care.

While there are some great new features in her remodeled bathroom, the best by far is the new BidetSpa toilet seat. The BidetSpa is a marvel that is especially helpful to Ashley. You can visit my personal blog to read my review of the product, and you can visit the company’s website for more information.

The BidetSpa includes a feminine wash, a posterior wash, a heated toilet seat made of bacteria resistant materials, a warm air dryer, a soft close seat and seat lid, an automatic deodorizer, a variable water temperature and a variable water pressure, and an optional remote control. It is quick and easy to install and comes with excellent instructions.

So why am I telling you all this? Because ‘The Bidet Shop’ has agreed to provide a BidetSpa, valued at $549, as a very special giveaway for one of the 5MFSN readers! One reader will be chosen to receive a BidetSpa toilet seat, and the company will ship it to you at no charge!

To be considered for this giveaway, simply leave a comment here or write on your personal blog and tell us why you would like the BidetSpa and how you feel it will benefit you and your family’s daily personal hygiene routines. Make sure if you write on your personal blog to leave a comment here with a link. The person with the most compelling reason, as judged by the team of writers here at 5MFSN and those at the company, will win the BidetSpa and have their testimony published on the BidetSpa website.

Oh yea, there are a few rules. None of the writers here at 5MFSN or at any of our sister sites are allowed to participate in this giveaway, however their comments are always welcomed. The winner will have to provide their name and mailing address to me privately so the company will know where to send your BidetSpa. The winner will have to install the seat themselves or arrange for its installation. The company cannot provide that service. And, the winner needs to agree to write a product review on their own blog after using the BidetSpa for a while.

So get busy and tell us your story. This contest will be open for 10 days and no more comments will be considered after September 27, 2008. Good luck and have a nice bi-DAY!

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