Our Village

Today we are up at our local Children’s Hospital. More testing. The story of our lives. Parker has a major surgery coming up in November and we need to get some problems figured out before we hook everything back up.

Yeah, we’re a bit worried about today’s procedure. Parker has a history of giving his anesthesiologists big scares. And taking years off of his parents lives at the same time.

Then there is the prayer that if they do find something, please let it be something that can be easily fixed.

To tell the truth, we are experiencing many emotions today.

We are hopeful.

We know that this procedure puts Parker one step closer to having his ostomy reversed. It wasn’t too long ago that we didn’t know if that would ever be an attainable goal for our Brave Hero.

We are grateful.

Our surgeon is skilled and dedicated to Parker. We know Parker is in the best of care.

We are grateful that PCMC is only an hour away from our home. It isn’t unusual to be in the PICU and see a small child without the support of his parents. Due to the nature of the child’s illness, and the fact that the parents have jobs in other states, it simply isn’t possible to be with the child all the time.

Suddenly the cost of a few tanks of gas doesn’t seem so great when compared to the blessing of always being by Parker’s side while he is in the hospital.

We are humbled.

You know the saying that ‘It takes a village to raise a child?’ There is no doubt that without the support of a village that spans countless boundaries, Reed and I would not have been able to do what we have for Parker.

From prayers and donations to Parker’s medical fund, to groceries and gifts dropped off by loving friends and neighbors, all of it has meant more than anyone could ever imagine.

We are inspired.

The selfless acts of others in Parker’s behalf has inspired both Reed and I to be better people. We greatly anticipate the day when we will be able to give of our time and talents in ways that will touch the hearts of others. We subscribe wholeheartedly to the concept of ‘paying it forward.’

We are dedicated.

Whether it be providing Parker the best medical care possible, engaging in hours of therapies and time spent teaching, our family is committed to help our Brave Hero reach his full and total potential.

And we are convinced of the greatness of the potential that is uniquely Parker’s.

So, while it may just look like Reed and I are in sitting in this waiting room all alone, we know better. We are really sitting here along with the prayers, sacrifices, and love from the far reaches of our village.

People tend to think that being the parent of a medically fragile child with special needs must be such a hard thing, something for which pity should be shown. And while there have been rough times, our hearts are actually much fuller than ever before.

And in no small part, we have our village to thank for that.

When not hanging out here or spending time at the hospital, Tammy and Parker also hang out at their other blog, Praying For Parker.

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