Parker Loves Rachel……..A Giveaway!

Parker turns four this month.

Yeah. He’s a little short for his age.

But his heart is huge.

And he’s already in the throws of his very first crush.

With an older woman. A much older woman.

And she’s taller too.

She’s teaching him how to express himself.

Through sign.


Signing ‘grass’.

Oh, yea. This woman has Parker wrapped around her little finger.

Thanks, Rachel. Because of you and Signing Time, my son has a voice.


Signing Time is a labor of love, born out of the desire for one mother to create a community that could communicate with her deaf daughter. Two Little Hands Productions, co-founded by sisters Rachel Coleman and Emilie Brown, is the company that produces and distributes the Signing Time product line.

You can read more of their inspiring story here.

Why teach a baby how to sign?

Because babies crawl before they walk, and sign before they talk!

When a baby waves “bye-bye” or points at what she wants, she is signing! It is natural for babies to communicate with signs. Baby Signing Time gives babies the signs they need to express their needs and wants. Clever songs, playful animation and adorable babies make learning signs fun and easy.

Did you know that Scientific studies suggest that “typical” children who learn to sign:

* have higher IQ scores
* are better adjusted
* read at an earlier age

The music. The animation. (Who doesn’t love Hopkins?) The songs. The other kids just like you, showing you how to sign everyday events like playtime, getting dressed, going places, manners and so much more.

These are just some of the reasons that have made Signing Time not only Parker’s favorite videos, but a family favorite as well.


Oh, yea. I got me a whole family of Signing Time fanatics.

And you can too.


Want to win a Baby Signing Time Gift Set 1-4?

Just go to the
Signing Time Music Videos
and watch a video clip. Come back and in the comments tell me what you watched….and what you loved about it!

We’ll draw a winner November 15th.

Easy. Peasy.

Thank you, Rachel for helping Parker gain a voice.

Now, you think you could convince him to start walking?

Just wonderin’.

You can also find Parker hanging out at his other blog, Praying for Parker.

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