Doing the Best I Can.

  • I didn’t wake up on time this morning. I managed to get breakfast made and get my daughter dressed so I could drop her off at school. I didn’t have time to make my husband’s lunch.
  • I dropped the family mini-van off for service and hitched a ride back home with the courtesy shuttle. My husband was waiting to start his work day. I went to the kitchen to make his lunch. I realized that I had forgotten to take the double stroller out of the van.


    • After finishing my own breakfast and starting a video for the twins I decided to tackle the laundry pile. Before I could finish all of the folding and putting away I realized it was lunchtime. Already?
    • I made lunch in ten minutes. We ate, and I noticed that we had an hour to get back to the car dealership…with no stroller…We needed to get the van to pick Sissy up from school and take her directly to gymnastics.
    • I didn’t hurry the twins enough on the walk to our local light rail station. We had to wait for the next train. We still had a bit of a walk to the garage. I rushed the twins along, calculating the minutes I still needed to get back to school. We made it with minutes to spare.
    • I didn’t know what to say when the first thing my daughter said after her gymnastics lesson was, “All of the kids in my gymnastics class hate me.” The lesson was uneventful from my perspective. She repeated the undoubtedly false statement a couple of times, and still I couldn’t quite decide what to say, what to ask, how to respond. She stopped (maybe a failed bid for attention?) and it seemed too awkward to respond at that point.

    There were more shortcomings of the day. There were plenty of things I messed up. Somehow, in the midst of it all I remembered to assure myself that I was doing the best I could. Sometimes the victory isn’t in doing my best so much as it is in remembering that I am.
    How do you keep your spirits up on a rough day?

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