Peace in the Wee Hours

Ah, the wee hours of the morning, when the sun and my children are still asleep — where they stir quietly, smiling in their sleep… dreaming of sailing the high seas on their new pirate ship… in another world — there is resounding peace here in my world. Everything is as it should be. No one is judging us. No one sees their delays before they see the beautiful people they are. No one sees their wondrous almond-shaped eyes and thinks less of them. No one is recording that My Little Man can only jump 6″ off the ground or that My Big Man can’t write his own name yet… like his peers. 

In this peaceful hour, there is no mean lady insulting me and my children at Trader Joes. There are no impatient people who can’t wait a second more for my children and I to get out of their way so they can carry on with their so-much-more-important lives than mine. There are no speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, special education teachers or CSE committees. (They’re all sleeping and dreaming of a more perfect world too.)  There is only pure, unconditional love. My love… for my beautiful children and their miraculous and oh-so-worthy lives. 

No worries. No comparisons. No Down syndrome. Just 3 little angels asleep in their beds.

I wish you all such peace in the wee hours and in the waking hours…. always! A very Merry Christmas to you all! 

xo maggie

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