The First Christmas.

Her eyes are bright and filled with the twinkle of a thousand tiny lights.

She drinks in her surroundings.

The crowd seems to breathe in collective unison.

The scene is beautiful, the gardens awash with colour, the carols pipe through the air.

The night  is perfect. It’s not hot anymore and a gentle breeze kisses our cheeks.

She has walked for a while but tires easily and so now she sits upon her father’s shoulder, head thrown back in wonder and awe.

The other children potter around us


I am happy.


Last year we were in the hospital.

Ivy was blistered and in pain and I was upset and anxious.

We had no answers and very little help.

Christmas was full of worry and fear and the festivities were forced.

The children were very quiet.

We were all tired.


This year feels different.

It feels like we are starting again.

It feels like the first Christmas.

This is the first time Ivy has spent the holiday period at home,

the first that we will be together as a family.

It is, quite simply,  magical.


Merry Christmas from our family to yours.


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