Seclusion, Restraint and the Public School System

From My File of Things That Make Me See Red:

I’m the mother of a medically fragile child with special needs. This kid has spent many an hour circling the drain.

As a matter of fact, I writing this post from his hospital room after a very unexpected surgery on Sunday.

The bottom line is my child has had to fight simply for the right to breathe. Yet he still gets up each day with a wonder and curiosity that can bring my spirit to it’s knees on a fairly regular basis.

Obviously, not everyone is able to see the miracle that resides inside of my son.

Case in point from the NDRN’s Investigative Report January 2009-

Whenever we open a newspaper, turn on the television, or go on the internet these days we hear of another child dying or being injured in school while being restrained or secluded. Some may think these are isolated incidents, but, when Protection and Advocacy (P&A) agencies across this country report that school children have been killed, confined, tied up, pinned down, and battered, this is clearly more than an isolated issue – it is one of national concern.

Read the entire report here.

Another CNN report dealing with this topic: “Children Forced into Cell-Like Seclusion Rooms”

Let’s open a discussion on this topic.

  • What have been your experiences with discipline within the public school system? What is working? What isn’t?
  • How do you think a child with disabilities can best be attended to in a situation where the child may become a threat to himself or others.

Let’s share what’s working for you, as well as what’s not. And what you would like to see change.

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