Busy Body Book Giveaway!

I am a Mom that needs to be organized. There are days that my sanity has literally hung on my planner.

Not only do I have the usual stuff to keep track of I also have to remember:

  • Ever changing medication schedules.
  • Therapy appointments. Times four.
  • Doctor appointments. Times a bajillion.
  • Names and numbers of doctors, pharmacies, and therapists.
  • Parker’s homeschooling themes.

And that doesn’t even include tracking my other 5 kids’ stuff! Plus weekly menus! And my appointments!

I’ve tried lots of different planners, but would get frustrated with the itty bitty spaces provided to write down all the stuff I couldn’t afford to forget.

So, I was exceptionally thrilled to be asked to try out a Busy Body Book, a fantastic personal & family organizer.

First off, I loved the simplicity of this organizer. I loved the space provided to keep track of everything. I loved that it is spiral bound and opens flat on my desk. I loved how it slips right into my purse.

Other features include:

    Key contact pages
    Removable shopping lists
    2 front and back pocket
    Bookmark to help you easily flip to the current week.
    A full page each week for notes, to do’s , etc.
    A STURDY, clear plastic BEAUTIFUL cover.

We put the Busy Body Book to the test this last week while Parker was in the hospital.


My oldest daughter Bailey filled out the fridge calendar grid with each of my children’s names and where they were supposed to be when. Being able to see the whole family’s schedule at a glance was an extreme help.

We’ve also had to start tracking nightly info trying to find out why Parker’s heart rate has been dipping so drastically. I can easily write down each item necessary directly across from the daily date.

I’ve even started scheduling Paker’s homeschool units. We’ll be studying snowmen next week!

Now, I’ve chosen to use the planner to keep track of all things Parker, and the fridge grid pad for tracking the family.

But the beauty of the Busy Body Book is it’s versatility. You decide how to set it up to best meet your needs.

And we have a Busy Body Book that YOU can win! Just go to the Busy Body Book site and take a tour. Then come back and let me know which Busy Body Book feature would best help you organize your life.

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