Saving Medicaid

At the end of this post I’m asking for your help. So please stay with me to the end of this post.

A few days ago the question of whether the state of Utah should either support the elderly disabled or preschoolers with autism. Adult Protective Services, an agency that helps protect autistic elderly adults (as well as others) from abuse, and funding for preschools for children with autism were both on the chopping block.

One survived. One didn’t. Families to lawmakers: Don’t cut quality of life.

Did you know that Utah is one of only two states that won’t float a bond to fully fund Medicaid.

In Sunday’s Daily Herald newspaper Rep. Becky Lockhart, R-Provo, was quoted as saying that Utah County should figure out how to tighten its own belt before banking on any federal economic stimulus plan.

“Utah doesn’t spend money that it doesn’t have,” Lockhart said. “Unless and until Congress acts, we don’t count on anything. We’re not calculating that into anything. We can’t afford to. We can’t spend like the federal government.”

Okay. Fair enough. But then there is the issue of the construction of I-15 in Utah county. THAT is a priority for Rep. Lockhart who says that this construction “should be a priority despite the daunting economic climate.”

So, let me see if I get this straight. My state legislature is planning on cutting Medicaid funding. Or, at the very least, repealing Medicaid to middle class families who make over 75% over the poverty limit.

(And remember, unlike most states, Utah doesn’t allow you to subtract your out of pocket medical costs before reporting your yearly income.)

But new highways and roads take priority DESPITE the economy.

John Dougall, my local Rep. owns a business that depends on new roads and highways being built. Interesting, no?

Even more interesting is that this same legislature voted that they can’t be held accountable for any conflict of interests between their personal businesses and their voting record. A little something about legislators who own construction companies voting for more charter schools to be built and then also being hired to build the new charter schools. Amongst other things.


There are those who are trying to get the word out on what our state legislature is planning: Religious Leaders: Don’t Cut Programs For Needy.

Monday began the 45 day annual session. here in Utah.

One item they will be debating is legislation making it illegal for any type of alcohol to be able seen by a child in an eating establishment. Because just the mere sight of a bottle of beer may entice them to drink.

But, if that same child dies due to lack of insurance coverage, well, that’s okay.

I’m asking everyone that reads “Praying For Parker” and 5 Minutes for Special Needs to contact John Dougall and plead with him to keep Medicaid safe. If those of you with blogs would help spread the word that would be wonderful.

Tell Representative Dougall that Reed, Tammy and Parker sent you.

Because if it can happen in our state. It can happen in yours.

(We sent our own email, but Representative Dougall must be incredibly busy. He never replied.)

Rep. John Dougall

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