It’s Fun to Learn at the YMCA

Mac sits at the kitchen table staring out the window, ignoring his school work, existing in another world.  Suddenly he turns and looks at me with a smile.

"Mom, my seizure is over."


"You know how lots of times I sit and stare into space.  That’s a seizure."

"Where did you learn about seizures?"

"From a sign in the lobby of the YMCA while I was there with dad."

Clearly Mac has been reading.  Mac reads everything, everywhere, constantly.  Even if he has a book with him, he reads every sign in view, every pamphlet within reach.  Our conversation continues…

"Mac what did you read at the Y?"

"There was a sign about seizures and what happens and what to do.  I read it.  I have seizures."

"Mac, you’ve been tested and you don’t have seizures.  You simply like to sit and think a lot.  That’s okay."

"Yeah, I know.  But my seizure is over and I’m fine."

"Yes Mac, you are fine."

"Oh, and mom, you should probably do that H-maneuver (Heimlich) on me.  There’s something in my throat and I can’t get it out."

"Mac, I love you." I say with a smile and a mental chuckle.

The conversation ends there as Mac returns to his school work.  No argument from me because when Mac believes something, he firmly believes it.  After all, the signs in the YMCA lobby are fact, and Mac thrives on fact.

Asperger’s Syndrome does not allow him much flexibility in thinking.  (Read that sentence as I would rather eat dirt than try to convince Mac of anything.) While I do pursue issues where his thinking should be altered, mostly I choose to view Mac’s unwillingness to concede any argument as an asset in maneuvering life.  (Read that one as I want to save my few remaining brain cells.) His “it’s my way or no way” mentality keeps him from being one to unquestioningly go along with the crowd.

Why did I tell you this story?  One reason is to remind you that which is often viewed as a problem or weakness can be just as easily viewed as a strength.  But mostly…I want to remind you of The Village People Y.M.C.A. song and have it play relentlessly in your brain.

Come on, click that play button and join me.

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