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Special needs mommy confessions

• Sometimes, when strangers ask if Max (who’s six) and Sabrina (who’s four) are twins, I say yes. It’s just easier. • It is awesome that Max is trying to drink out of a cup by himself and feed himself, but I get tired of cleaning up the mess. • I do not use Max’s…

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Come Chat With Us In Real Time at

Almost a year ago I wrote this post about advocacy and building bridges between those who have children with special needs and those who don’t. Have you ever wanted to tell the world about your child with special needs? His hopes? His desires? What you wished parents of typical children knew and understood about a…

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The winner of our contest is: Sara Evans! Yeah! Enjoy. RoCkS!

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Seven More Years of This?

  This summer we faced a revolting development.   Our Little Guy has become a teenager.   Now even though I call him “Little Guy” while blogging (because he is my youngest), our son is actually chronologically and physically an adult. He’s 19.   He has developmental delays, and I guess something inside him activated his “dreadful…

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Six Word Memoir Contest – Disability Style WINNERS!

As the saying goes-EVERYONE is a winner, but in this contest it is the truth. Every single entry gave me goosebumps and/ or tears. So I decided that the first ten on the list will get a signed book and the remaining four will get $15 dollar gift certificates. The remaining entrants (yes, all winners)…

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Small Victories

He gets up in the morning long before the sun comes up. He dresses, eats, and takes his medicine each morning without prompting. He brushes his teeth, combs his hair, puts on deodorant, and makes sure he looks good. Mom has to check though. He has tried to wear weekend clothes to school that would…

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Natural Born Leader

Meg has entered P7 – the final year of primary (elementary) school. When they asked if anyone wanted to stand for House Captain, it didn’t cross Meg’s mind that she shouldn’t go for it. She created a wee speech and, with the 6 others who are standing, went round all the classes and delivered her…

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Did you think I wouldn’t notice? Yes, Ashley can be quite the enigma at times, but even then, her unpredictability is predictable. But drinking coffee? Never would I have predicted that. Drinking unsweetened iced tea? Nope, not that one either. Then on Wednesday she walked into the house clutching a paper sleeve of Ritz crackers,…

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Special Exposure Wednesday.

  She takes it all in her stride. Ivy has her PICC line cleaned and the dressing changed for the last time. The port will go in on Thursday. Got a photo to share? Why don’t you join in this Special Exposure Wednesday.  Please remember your comment love at each link you visit. Also blogging…

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Is it wrong to not hope for the miracle?

As you read this, I am in Raleigh, North Carolina with Max and my husband; tomorrow, we are going to Duke University to get Max a stem cell infusion, using the cord blood we banked after his birth. You’ve probably heard about stem cell therapy. It’s still considered experimental, but there’s no evident potential harm….

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