Small Victories

He gets up in the morning long before the sun comes up.

He dresses, eats, and takes his medicine each morning without prompting.

He brushes his teeth, combs his hair, puts on deodorant, and makes sure he looks good.

Mom has to check though. He has tried to wear weekend clothes to school that would get him a call home from school for more appropriate clothes.

He waits; peering out the window into the dark for the bus to arrive.

The familiar rumble of the bus makes him stand up, grab his backpack, give me a quick kiss, and head out the door.

At 6:06 am, he is gone.

We’re on day five, and so far, so good.

No calls from school, no calls from teachers, no calls from Guidance asking to speak with me because “we have a problem.

Small Victories. I’ll take them.

I think High School is off to a great start!

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