Let Organization Work for You and Your Child

Jennifer Donovan is here to share about a home organizational system aimed to help kids become more independent and self-reliant. This is a sponsored post, but her opinions are her own.


I’ve outlined some of the features about the M.O.M. Method that I love, over in my post at 5 Minutes for Mom about how to teach your kids self-reliance.

This is universal product that all families can benefit from, although the creators have found a particular niche use as well for kids with special needs including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome or executive functioning challenges.

The time management and task management programs give kids the stability and consistency they seek, and what’s even better, it puts them in the responsible role, removing you from the tough taskmaster position.

Find out more information about the M.O.M. method 30 Day Challenge in my post at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Fostering in Bradford can Answer a Call for Help

A startling 7,500 children on any given day can be in foster care across Yorkshire and Humberside. Each year more and more children enter foster care or residential care facilities. At least 890 children are currently being looked after in Bradford, UK, with 627 of these children being fostered. The numbers are startling as are…

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Welcome to 5 Minutes for Special Needs #UBP13

Welcome to 5 Minutes for Special Needs! 5 Minutes for Special Needs came to life as a Sister Site of 5 Minutes for Mom through Tammy from Praying for Parker. Tammy did a fabulous job as the volunteer Managing Editor for a long time and grew the site wonderfully. But sadly she became too busy…

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Now She Knows She’s Different

When Zoe was little I spent a lot of time thinking  ( and writing) about about how different she was. Then she grew, and through her grade school years blossomed with the encouragement to try and do her best as I made sure she was always included, and treated just like everyone else. Zoe will be starting…

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Disclaimer: I am writing this as a woman, so it’s going to have a womanly slant. No, I do not hate men. Yes, I know there are plenty of great Daddies who do a good job of helping out–and I salute you, Good Daddy!   I spent the majority of the past 3 weeks in…

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Christmas Wonder for My Kids with Down Syndrome

This year, like the past seven, we’d been telling my live-in-the-moment Boys (identical twins with Down syndrome) for weeks that Santa Claus would soon be paying us a visit and leaving toys under Christmas trees all around the world for good little girls and boys in honor of Jesus’ birthday. “Why?” Because Jesus is all…

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The Christmas Miracle

As the story goes, many, many years ago, a teenager gave birth to a son in a stable. The Christmas miracle. When I was a little girl, I used to cry when the church sang “Away in a Manger.” My mother reminded me of this as we sat at my daughter’s Christmas pageant at school….

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Knights Of The Gridiron

Chivalry is dead, or so we’ve been told. Knights exist only in legends and movies. Although there are still titular knights today, they are a far cry from the knights of old. Knights of the medieval era were asked to protect the weak, helpless, defenseless and fight for the general welfare of all. They were…

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Attitude Adjustment

Happy November, Friends! (How did this happen? Wasn’t it just January?) The past few months have been sort of rough for us. For some reason, it seems like everything we’ve done, or tried to do, went horribly wrong. When things don’t go the way I envision them, I tend to get–shall we say–moody? Maybe not…

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How to Hold it Together When the World Falls Apart

Hi you guys! This is basically my week again…only different surgery on the stomach…I’ll update you later…   ****************************************************************************     I get tired–the kind of tired that makes your bones ache. Sometimes, I get grumpy too. Hey, don’t we all? In this ever-winding road of special needs parenting, I find myself often in a…

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