Special needs mommy confessions


• Sometimes, when strangers ask if Max (who’s six) and Sabrina (who’s four) are twins, I say yes. It’s just easier.

• It is awesome that Max is trying to drink out of a cup by himself and feed himself, but I get tired of cleaning up the mess.

• I do not use Max’s communication device, a Dynavox, as often as I should…

• …but I make like I do with his teachers.

• I sometimes have the most insane worries about Max’s future, like, will Max be able to hook up with girls? 

• I do not have nearly as much patience as my husband does for feeding Max.

• I think Max’s neurologist is kind of cute.

• I wish that Max did not drool.

• When kids stare at Max funny or glare at him, I get this irresistible urge to bop them on their heads.

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