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When she announced that she was interested in playing soccer, we started our search for a league that could accommodate her special needs. We found one, but it was about 20-30 minutes away, depending on traffic. So, Tim called the president of the league our boys play in and asked if she could play in…

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Six Word Memoir Contest – Disability Style

One of my favorite literary magazines is SMITH. SMITH is a home for storytelling of all forms and kinds. “We believe everyone has a story, and everyone should have a place to tell it.” Smith is also the home of SIX WORD MEMOIR. I thought it would be fun to have a SIX WORD MEMOIR…

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Her Own Way

Ivy is different. I know that. Dave sees it too. She doesn’t play like an almost four year old. She is wise beyond her years. On Monday, when she was being canulated for the IVIG, we happened upon a doctor who asked her lots of questions and spoke to her like she was, well, a four…

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“Expect to do a lot of mourning…..”

Today’s post is by Beck from Frog and Toad Are Still Friends My youngest child was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at nearly 15 months old. It was a tremendous relief when she was diagnosed, because she had been so sick for so much of her short life and the improvement in her health was almost…

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Please Save Me From The Bloody Marys

I’m ambivalent. I’m so ready for two of my children to go back to school, and not so ready for the other two to return. My son diagnosed with Asperger’s NEEDS to go back to the routine of the classroom. While his school year is not always easy, his emotional well-being is a little steadier…

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Just because you THINK you have your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed doesn’t mean you actually DO

Here I go with the Twitter again…. Last week, on Wednesday, I was yet again on Twitter when my phone rang. Now, while that isn’t unusual, the Caller ID was. Spiff’s new high school. Um, okay… So I answer it and begin talking to someone who tells me that we need to discuss Spiff’s schedule….

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Special Exposure Wednesday.

  Sometimes being chronically ill is a real balancing act. Got a photo to share? Why don’t you join in this Special Exposure Wednesday.  Please remember your comment love at each link you visit. Also blogging at Three Ring Circus  

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my four-foot toddler

The toddler years are known well in mommyland. We are warned my our mothers and grandmothers of the terrible twos. After our first child (and mama) survives that stage we quickly learn that the terrible twos are followed by the tyrannical threes. After several months of butting heads, the calm returns. Until four comes. The…

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Confession: I still get sad when other kids ask about my kid

“How did Max get that bump on his brain?” That’s my best friend’s five-year-old talking. It’s how my friend explained Max’s disabilities to her. It’s Saturday, and we are driving in our car; Max is actually in my friend’s car, because he thought it would be fun to trade, and her daughter is riding with…

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When I discovered of my first thought was: “This company MUST have been created by parents of children with special needs!” What is you wonder? Think of products you use everyday delivered to your door. You know those in the middle of the night grocery store trips because you just ran out of…

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