When she announced that she was interested in playing soccer, we started our search for a league that could accommodate her special needs. We found one, but it was about 20-30 minutes away, depending on traffic. So, Tim called the president of the league our boys play in and asked if she could play in the “regular” league. The president didn’t ask a single question about her equipment, her diagnosis, or her special needs. He said, “Yes.” He explained to Tim that the league is young and they had never been asked that question, so they would love to give her the same chance that all kids have.

The league is recreational in nature, and really, how competitive are three-year-old soccer players anyway? We’ve ordered her pink and silver soccer ball. And her shin guards that fit over her KAFOs arrived this week. She is extremely excited. And so are her brothers.

Isaac, her big brother, protector, and best friend has been “helping” Esther-Faith prepare for her first soccer season. They’ve balanced balls on their heads. Kicked around a little in the yard. And he has even tried to explain offsides to her.

I’m not sure any of it stuck… Except that her soccer ball is pink. Her shin guards are pink. And we searching for pink shoes. Nevermind the offsides. She likes the accessories.

I can’t even think about watching her walk onto that field for the first time without getting misty-eyed. My heart does a flip flop when I think about how I thought she would never play soccer. How I thought I would never enroll her in soccer because of my own fears… of injury. Of difficulty. Of ridicule.

But one thing we’ve learned with Esther-Faith is that she will do what she wants. And she is VERY aware of her limitations. I am so excited to watch her play this season. Even if she decides it will be her first and her last.

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