Just because you THINK you have your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed doesn’t mean you actually DO

Here I go with the Twitter again….

Last week, on Wednesday, I was yet again on Twitter when my phone rang. Now, while that isn’t unusual, the Caller ID was.

Spiff’s new high school.

Um, okay

So I answer it and begin talking to someone who tells me that we need to discuss Spiff’s schedule. During the conversation it is revealed that they have him SIGNED UP FOR P.E.; upon learning that knowledge my head explodes. Right off my body.

To which I say the following:

Remove him from P.E. immediately. Did I not make myself clear at his Articulation Meeting?

We bicker and argue over the fact he needs it to graduate. I remind them that he is taking P.E. courses via Florida Online Virtual School and will use that to satisfy his P.E. and..blah, blah, blah.

We do this dance, you know the one where you dance one way, almost as a challenge and then when you are done they have to respond? Kinda like that.

So we wrap up that conversation and I calmly ask this:

So, um, has the aide for Spiff been hired yet?

Their response?:

We have no allocation for an aide for Spiff. There is no paperwork for one.

Had a wind from my children running past me developed, I might have fallen over in a dead heap.

Oh, and my head exploded again.

So I got on the phone. And I was immediately brick-walled due to meetings and stuff. Frustrated, I went to bed that night worried about Spiff’s HS future with no aide. Oh, the nightmares.

The next morning, I worked out Spiff’s schedule issues with the staff at his new High School, and they couldn’t be nicer. They honestly were trying to find a way to fit into his schedule things he would enjoy doing. I think they have succeeded rather nicely.

The county office called me and told me WHOOPS! His aide is at the other high school, and we’ll get that fixed up lickety-split! He will have an aide for Freshman year.

And that’s when I began to breathe again. Which I guess is a good thing.

Because he might need me more than ever.

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