School’s Out for Summer

School’s out for the summer. Precious had her last day of kindergarten on Thursday. For the next two weeks, the girls will be babysat at home by a local teenager and will got to swimming lessons every morning. Precious will be starting at the summer ‘camp’ of her brother and sister’s daycare in the third week of the summer break, even though her brother and sister will be away at hockey power-skating camp that week.

Before the school year was over, we had a meeting with the integration group and the summer daycare. We outlined any concerns we had about Precious being in a mainstream daycare, especially one where she will be in the youngest group of kids ranging from 5 to 10. We feel her needs will be met, and my main concern was her safety, as they will be walking to the park every morning and it’s across a busy street. The woman from the integration group will be at the daycare on the first day, for part of it anyway, to help with the transition. The daycare workers have already met Precious and have an idea of her abilities and understand how important holding her hand near the road will be.

Later in July, I’m really looking forward to going to a cottage we rented. Precious loves to go in the canoe, and swim, and it should be a very relaxing week. I’m taking two weeks off and the second week will be filled with day trips to the pool and the library, and maybe visits with friends.

In August, Precious will be at the daycare for a few weeks in a row and hopefully she’ll be settled in by then.

We got an email on Thursday that Precious is being offered a spot in this daycare for after school care starting in the fall. I am so excited as it will be nice for the three siblings to be together, and it will really reduce the amount of time it takes to pick up the kids after work by having them all in one place. I’m also looking at changing my hours of work so I can get home earlier and have an extra half hour to make suppers, get homework and piano practice started but I don’t want to think too much about September yet as summer vacation only started on Friday!

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