NOT one of the girls …

Our circle of friends includes several single special-needs moms. These women are great at organizing activities for their/our special needs kids. But when we get together, I am often the only guy there. And while they all treat me great, I sometimes feel uncomfortable because I’m not one of the girls!

Since our kids participate in a lot of sports together, I’m with them at the bowling alley, the golf course, and basketball court, and the gymnastics center. While the kids are practicing or competing, the parents (the girls and me) sit around and watch.

Some of their discussion topics are quite interesting. They often ask for my “man” advice, which I freely give (because I am never lost for an opinion). Other times they talk about the challenges of special-needs parenting. And while I can relate, I am often amazed how these women alone are able to navigate the tedious and frustrating world of social services administration. That they are able to accomplish this is a testament to their love and dedication to their children. And of course by listening to their discussion I can gain some insight into how they think … which helps me in my own parenting and relationships.

But then the discussion inevitably turns to “girl talk.”

You know what I mean. The latest fashions on sale, what happened at the nail salon, and the hot gossip about people they (we) know. And this is when I quickly lose interest.

Kathy and I have had discussions about me and the girls and I’ve shared how challenging it can be to feel included in the group’s conversation. At first she didn’t get it, but as time has passed she has been more willing to let me be excused from those events where I might be the only man there. I’ve found that by joining them on an occasional basis, I’m able to better enjoy their company.

My question for the day to our female readers is … does your “man” hang out with you and your girlfriends? If so, how do you make him a part of your conversation?

Thanks for your advice.










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