My Love/Hate Relationship with Botox

And since I’ve blogged about it a LOT, I’m sure you all are beginning to hate it too! (To bring you up to speed-March 14 May 5, and May 9.) The “typical” dosing schedule for children  receiving Botox injections are usually every 6 months. Since Jillian plays by her own rules (which I swear is just to make me crazy) the injections she received in May are starting to wear off. That’s right.. JULY. From MAY. Even though I suck at math, I can certainly say I don’t count 5 months there.

After 2 months, I am now starting to get anxious. If Jillian’s doctor decides we should do another set of injections, I’ll be back to fighting with my insurance company. Luckily my insurance company decides to take one silly little clause in the Canada Health Act, twist the order of the words so it works in their favour. NOT to cover Botox. Pretty much awesome.

Thankfully, Jillian has a great set of doctors. Even her hypertonia clinic doc fought for us. Sending letters, phone calls, and finally a letter with legal jargon. They didn’t budge. The answer was still no. After fighting for SO long the last time, I don’t know if I have the strength to do it this time.

I’ve been toying with different scenarios. 1) Appeal. AGAIN. (definitely not my idea of fun). 2. Hope that Jillian’s doc decides on targeting smaller (or less) muscle groups then last time. The only thing that held the claim up was that the procedure would be administered at Sick Kids and not a private clinic. Interesting. You want my kid to go through 6 needles in both legs WITHOUT sedation? That sounds like cruel and unusual punishment. 3) Target MORE (or larger) muscle groups and administer under general anesthetic. (and cross everything crossable that our insurance company approves) 4) Target smaller muscle groups which would be administered at Bloorview (and thus being covered by insurance).

I guess I have something on our side this time. From the copious pictures and video I took, they (my insurance company) will be proven that it benefited Jillian. I am so terribly proud on how much she’s accomplished in a matter of 2 months. I wonder how far she’d come if it were lasting 6 months. It also makes me wonder if her high tone will come back with a vengeance thus making her progress thus far null and void. This would be a whole lot easier if money was no object.

So while I’m gearing up for another stupid fight, I’m looking back to this picture to remind myself that SHE is worth it.

Flat Feet for the first time in 2.5 years

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