We’re moving.

It’s actually, really happening (after 4 years of crying about it!).

My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years. This will make our 8th move.

We’re professional movers. We have it down to a science. I can pack and unpack a house in record time.

Only, this time, I’m struggling! Bad! Our belongings are mostly in storage already. But my beloved Jack’s “stuff” is epic in proportion! I can’t pack the way I used to—he needs medicated, or fed, or put to bed, or cuddled. These are the same struggles as “typical” families, and I know I’m just whining, but it’s ROUGH!

At the same time, we’re looking for housing where we’re moving. We can’t even look for the same things in a house as we used to! We need one floor. We need space. We need…

What do we need? Do you have anything in your home (special features) that you couldn’t live without? Help a sister out!

(I’ll stop the whining. I promise. It’s just been a really rough week….)

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