You Are Not Invisible

We stand next to the row of tables
Women with books clenched to hearts
Eager to meet her
To ask her familiar scribbles on the inside cover

After a speech that touched lives.

I stand, joyful, eager to thank her
For words that leaped from pages
Changed me – showed melife can be good, again
I can give thanks, too
God gives good gifts
“Gratitude always precedes the miracle.”

She emerges from the stage
Sits in front of me, gathers pens
Looks up
Stands up
Reaches across table, smiling
Saying my name
“So good to meet you!”
Beautiful, warm smile – living words from the book I hold.
She hugs me
Knows my name from here, this strange cyber world
Scribbles a note rejoicing over me
Calls me, “Friend.”

Just like He does. Every day.
God of galaxies, a universe spread far beyond our grasp
Looks at us and smiles
Reaches across years for an embrace that says

I see you.

You matter.

You are, truly


I wrote this poem after what was the highlight of my weekend at She Speaks in North Carolina last weekend. As I walked to my room after this moment, tears streamed down, and I thought of why it meant so much to me. To be recognized, rejoiced over… it’s what we as special needs parents miss in life. Because life isn’t about us, it’s about our sweet children and their needs. But we still need to know we’re precious, that we’re seen too.

You’re seen, dear friend. And I’m glad I can share my heart and read of yours here.



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