Not Much to Say

There’s a lot going on over here, but nothing momentous, which is in and of itself kind of momentous. We’re sort of getting used to drama, sadly, so when a significant number of days goes by without any it can almost be unsettling. Enjoy it while it lasts, except you’re dreading when it might end; and what event might signal that end. It could be anxiety provoking. I think I’m too tired and numb to feel the anxiety. There’s just a vague cloud of “what’s up?” that won’t dissipate. Meanwhile I keep moving at the fast pace that seems like it won’t let up.

image by Joe Hastings via Flickr

I had this same sort of feeling last year when the child started first grade at her new school. As the weeks went by and she continued to do well, with just a couple of minor (for her) behavior issues, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Surely it can’t last, I thought, and yet it did. I finally learned to relax and enjoy the reprieve. Different circumstances now, but the same unsettled feelings, not wanting to rest when there might be a problem just around the corner, but rest I need.

How do you spend your pockets of reprieve? How do you let go and rest?

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