I’m wondering if I’m the only one in this situation. One of my best friends moved to Toronto recently and on Friday, we (the girls and I) headed on the road to visit her. We hadn’t seen each other since her wedding day 5 years ago!

When I’m meeting someone new, or seeing someone I haven’t seen in a while, I have this habit of justifying EVERYTHING that could be interpreted that I am a bad mother. (Must be the super-mom mentality). Nancy (who we visited, happened to be my roommate in university) would ask me something and immediately I would justify it. She finally said to me “Cheryl, it’s me. I don’t care about that stuff”. That made me feel a little bit better.

Don’t think Jillian is the only lucky one in this deal. I justify everything for Lauren too. Like when she was still wearing diapers, I’d tell them I talked to all of Jillian’s therapists/doctors and they said that she’s going through a lot having a special needs sister and this is something she can control. So of course, I would tell those people why she wasn’t yet potty trained.

While we were at Nancy’s they invited us for supper and I accepted, too pumped since I was seeing Nancy for the first time in 5 years. When I realized I didn’t have something for Jillian, they helped. I explained that this isn’t just┬ábehavioral, she actually has a medical diagnosis for food aversions. So, I tried to explain what Jillian could/wanted to eat.

I really have no idea why I started justifying every little thing. Do you guys do it too?? I don’t think I remember my own mother justifying anything I did. Or maybe she did, and I just didn’t retain it.

No matter how hard this stay at home mom business is, I always feel like I need to justify. Not like I have a TV/movie people following me around!

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