Stiring Up Fun With Zebra Mix

As parents we are always trying to multi-task. Teaching while providing experiences that peak their interests. Offering experiences that build confidence, support risk taking and are easy for time strapped parents to pull off.

Being the Mom of a kid with special needs can sometimes make my other kids feel left out. They understand why I have to spend so much time with Parker, but it is rough all the same.

So when I received my review stash of Zebra Mix I knew that this would be a great Mom and Daughter activity, making cupcakes with my 10 year old daughter, Kensley.


Kensley was able to read and follow the directions totally on her own. We shared more than a few giggles while following the SAFARI BAKING MAP. And Kensley was more than proud to present her finished treats to the family.


This is where I should have a picture of the finished treats. But they were gone before I even got my camera out.

Just recently we discovered that Zebra Mixes make the BEST play date and sleep over activities. One your child can clean up all by themselves. Which makes me love Zebra Mix even more.

ZEBRA MIX is the Easy Bake Oven turned on high, inside each box is a large fold-out SAFARI BAKING MAP which turns baking into a fun, smart and creative activity. Way more than a stir and bake, Zebra Mix is the only baking kit that speaks intelligently to kids asking them to engage in conceptual thinking, dialogue, and project management. Double-sided format is made for kids age 4-12 and accommodates non-readers all they way to kids who can read a scientific formula, our Brownie Bites even teach Spanish!

So dig into Zebra Mix and while kids are Stirring Up Fun they will enjoy fun math mysteries, science experiments and art projects all tailored to a variety of levels! And unlike Easy Bake and other kids kits Zebra Mix is made with high quality organic ingredients- nothing artificial in Zebra Mix.


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