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Yahoo! Announces Homepages for Homerooms Project to Support Teachers and Students Across the Nation

Yahoo! has launched the Homepages for Homerooms project which provides an easy, no-cost way for anyone to fund classrooms and teachers by simply making Yahoo! their homepage. As part of the Homepages for Homerooms program, Yahoo! is partnering with, a reputable education non-profit that reaches 40% of schools in the U.S.

Public school teachers who place a project on are eligible to receive funding for their projects from Yahoo!. Yahoo! will donate $400,000 across the projects that generate the most homepage sets. Anyone can support a project by making Yahoo! their homepage, and additionally, by participating in bi-weekly extra credit challenges.

August 22nd through October 16th

Teachers have an amazing way of doing a lot with a little, at Yahoo! we wanted to find our own way to help support the amazing initiatives happening in our schools by providing teachers with even more resources to help their students succeed. Our global community of users are passionate about helping students and teachers thrive.

Teachers across the United States that place a project on become eligible to have their projects funded by Yahoo!’s Homepages for Homerooms project.

Teachers can get involved quickly and free. Teachers who already have projects posted on are immediately eligible to participate in Homepages for Homerooms. Teachers that want to list new projects simply visit to enter. The next step is to get the support of as many friends and family members as possible to change their homepage to Yahoo! to earn points towards your project in the Hompages for Homerooms program.

Know a teacher? Get them involved! Once a project is posted on, individuals can encourage members of the community to make Yahoo! their homepage in support of a classroom project. Simply change your homepage and get points for the projects.

Three easy steps to support a teacher’s project

  1. Visit to find a project you want to support.
  2. Click “Support” and follow the steps to make Yahoo! your homepage. Each person may participate once.
  3. Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, word-of-mouth and other channels so the project of your choice can get the funding it deserves.

Yahoo! combines the actions of many into one big wave of change. We’re making it easy for people to support education and that’s just one example of How Good Grows on Yahoo!. Here’s to another great school year!

Disclosure: This post is a press release from Yahoo’s Homepages for Homerooms program. 5 Minutes for Special Needs is not affiliated with Yahoo!

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