Let’s Try Something Different

Happy Monday!! I thought we could do something a little bit different this week. I’m always thrilled to interact with readers, so hopefully we can get some great conversations going.

On my personal blog, I wrote about being sucker punched. Obviously I was well aware that my girls would start asking questions about Jillian’s cerebral palsy, I just didn’t think it would be this early.

Last week, we were at Holland Bloorview for a volunteer BBQ. I’ve been getting pretty close with one of the receptionist and she happens to be in a wheel chair. On our way to the car, I stopped to chat with her for a few minutes. Clearly, Lauren was thinking and taking it all in. After loading the girls and Jillian’s wheelchair in the back, we started to head for home.

Not long after, Lauren ┬ápipes up and says “Mommy?? Why is that lady in a wheelchair?” I said “well… why is Jillian in a wheelchair?” Lauren: “because she can’t walk” me: “well, I think that’s your answer”. Pondering, Lauren was quiet. Then she asked “But WHY mommy. Why can’t Jillian walk?” Jillian decides to join in the conversation at this point and asks ‘yeah, what is up with that?’ (she had heard me say that phrase earlier in the day). I was honestly speechless. How much detail do I give them?? I managed to stammer my way through an answer, yet I still feel lost.

Have you told your child about the special needs?? What have you told their siblings? I just don’t know how to answer this question! Join me in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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