School Daze…

It’s that magical time of year….

Or, if you feel like school the way I do, it’s: time to spend a ton of money to buy crap they’re not going to use, fight about clothing each and every morning, and prepare for the onslaught of colds. Hmmmm….

There’s public school, home school, virtual school, private school, charter school, unschool… and we all have to choose what is best for our own brood.

Today, I am going to share with you how we school here at Chez P.

We use a public school that is taught virtually online through the K12 system. That’s right. It’s public school (read: free). But we do it at home. The child is given assignments to do daily. Some are computer based, others are done in the workbooks and textbooks that are provided to you (they get UPS’d to your house). Some days you get to sit in a virtual classroom and listen to the teacher, other days, you do self paced learning. Personally, I absolutely love each and every thing about it (well, mostly– it can’t be perfect, you know?). However, if you are not really a flexible kind of person who can’t deal with computer and technical glitches from time to time, you might want to not consider it.

Ready for the kicker?

They are special ed friendly! 504, they love ’em! IEP…bring it on! As a special ed family you are given a teacher, who also serves as your “case manager” doing whatever she can to help you out. It’s wonderful… (or as wonderful as special ed can be).

Now, if you are concerned that doing virtual school is too secluding for your little social butterfly…no worries! There are outings and activites planned weekly within each community to allow the kids to get to know each other. I also belong to a facebook group that is for SN moms in the curriculum…they bounce ideas off each other, vent, and so on. They actually get together a lot, because for some of these ladies, they have never had any friends who had SN children to hang out with!

Check in to it if you are interested. I’ve done it for the past 3 years, and my daughter is happy as a clam!

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