What If We Had Listened to the Experts?

Sometimes I don’t know where to begin…or whether to begin at all. Ever been there?

My brain freeze and total body paralysis occur when I begin to think about balancing the never-ending needs of four sons – three living with a variety of special needs which comprise a spectrum of behaviors and needs…mental as well as physical. Sometimes I think about not beginning the day at all…just staying in bed letting everyone fend for themselves, run rampant.

(Yeah, wouldn’t that make for an interesting blog post? I’m not that desperate for material, yet.)

Something always causes me to begin despite my weaknesses.

I am a spiritual person and God frequently kicks me in the rear to get me going.

Some days He decides to give me a kinder, gentler nudge…

Slowly my bedroom door eases open and a brunette head with a soup bowl haircut peers around the edge…

“Good morning, mom. How are you this morning?”

“Hey, sweetheart. I’m good. Did you just wake up?”

“Yes ma’am. Wanna snuggle?”

“Sure. Climb in and cover up. It’s chilly this morning.”

Then a beautiful face nuzzles nose to nose…gives me a little kiss…and softly says…

“Mom, you are so cute. I love every little thing about you…your eye brows, your sweet nose, your chin, your hands, your heart. I know how much your heart loves me, and my heart loves you that much, too.”

“Know what?”

“What, mom?”

“I love you, and I’m so thankful God sent you to me.”

He skooches over putting his arm around my neck as we begin the gift of this day.

Experts declared that Wil would be non-functional in society.

What if we had listened to the experts?

What if we had not given Wil the opportunity to prove them wrong?

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