New Feature “Ask the Parents”

I have been pondering this for several months now. This is a way for all of us to help each other out and have the information available for the long term. I call it “Ask the Parents.” It’s like a forum without the scrolling or trolls.

The form below is for your questions. You can be completely anonymous or I will link to your site, it’s your call. Your question will be posted on the site, then the next week I will post reader’s and writers replies for you. I hope to pull in behavior and medical experts on occasion, too.

This week’s question is from Boba Fett’s Mom.

My son has PDD-NOS. He got in a fight the first day of school! I can’t spend another year picking him up from school early because he has been suspended. He has an IEP and is in a behavioral mod class. I am worried that this is going to be another bad ear. Last year was one frustration after another. The school’s first response was send them home for fighting. Hello, this is a class for kid’s on behavior plans!

I have told them over and over again that it is because the boys (of course the class is all boys) set each other off in a very predictable way. The same kids get in the same types of arguments every week that end in physical altercations. We have a new teacher and are in a new building this year.

How can I prepare myself in case we enter the cycle of fighting and suspensions again?

special needs adviceClick the envelope to send your response. Please include any information (name, website, etc) you would like use to link to your reply.

What do you think about this new feature?



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