Botox Saga Continues

As if it couldn’t get any worse. After fighting from March until May for Botox injections, we secured a donation from the manufacture in Canada for one round. Our hopes were to show our insurance company that the injections worked, that they would reconsider their decision. NO such luck. They wouldn’t even READ the letter of appeal.

Being the mom I am and not taking no for an answer, I gave myself 2 days of pity party then pulled up my big girl panties and started to fight. I contacted a few health reporters from a suggestion from the rehabilitation hospital Jillian visits. I didn’t end up hearing back from them in a timely fashion. Last night I took matters in my own hands.

I drafted a blog post on my own blog, outing my insurance company, Manulife Financial. I can’t sit back and let my daughter suffer. And if MY family is experiencing this, there are others in this situation.

I would greatly appreciate it if you clicked over to my own blog and comment, tweet or whatever on THIS post. I also created a slideshow to prove that we’re not just another faceless family. I sang the music in the background myself. Feel free to check it out HERE!

Thank you so much for standing behind my family and I. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

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